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Staying healthy - for life

Technological solutions from medicine

A long and healthy life is the dream of every human being. Medical and technological progress is now opening up completely new scope with which we can ensure people's health. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on the individual. Because every person is (genetically) different. This also applies to the probability of falling ill or the individual course of a disease. Modern technologies, for example from bioanalytics or digital medicine, make it possible today to tailor prevention, diagnostics and treatment to the individual.

The knowledge from theory and practice is available in Münsterland. Does the think tank provide the next impulse for better, individualised prevention of diseases from Münsterland?


Representatives of the following companies sit in the think tank "Staying healthy - for life": Carpegen GmbH (Münster), Evorion Biotechnologies (Münster), Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH (Altenberge), Nitro Ventures (Münster), Rottendorf Pharma GmbH (Ennigerloh), tascon GmbH (Münster), UKM Infrastruktur Management GmbH (Münster) and Wessling GmbH (Altenberge).

In addition, the following are participating from the scientific community and networks: Münster University of Applied Sciences (Department of Health), Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Münster e.V., Netzwerk Gesundheitswirtschaft Münsterland e.V. and WWU Münster (Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry).

Click here for the press release of the first meeting in July 2020.

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