Münsterland is a region full of cycling enthusiasts.
© Münsterland e.V./Christoph Steinweg
Cycling in the Münsterland
Münsterland is a region full of cycling enthusiasts.
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Foelting
The love of the bike
Cycling in the Münsterland

Cycling in the Münsterland

Mobile through Münsterland? That's most fun by bike. Because it's not just leisure cyclists who feel particularly at home in the region with its approximately 4,500 kilometres of cycle paths. For those who like to commute to work by leeze, there is also a lot on offer here, such as a constantly growing network of cycle routes. That's why more than 20 percent of commuters in Münsterland now use bicycles - almost three times as many as the NRW average.

And the good thing about it is that cycling is not only fun and great for your health and balance. It also saves space, is quiet, cheap and great for the climate. If you cycle five kilometres to and from work, you save around 300 kilograms ofCO2 emissions per year compared to driving a car, according to the Federal Environment Agency.

Rent your Münsterland bike!

No bike at the moment, but fancy a spontaneous outing? Then you can use the MünsterlandRad! It is your ideal companion for day trips through the Münsterland. Bikes are available at several locations throughout Münsterland and can be booked spontaneously, quickly and contactlessly directly at the bike stand using an app. The practical thing: The Münsterland bikes are rented exclusively digitally and independently of opening hours. You can scan a QR code, download the app and use it to rent, pay for and unlock the bike.

The cost of renting a bike ranges from 1 euro per hour to 13 euros per day. You will be charged for the actual time of use. Further information is available here, and you can access the app directly via the website www.muensterlandrad.moqo.de.

Cycling in Münster

Münster is a cycling stronghold. Because everyone rides a bike here. Every inhabitant of Münster spends around 20 minutes a day in the saddle of a bicycle and rides along some of the 470 kilometres of cycle paths in the entire city. Almost 40 percent of all journeys in the city are made by bike. Many people now also travel by cargo bike (which, by the way, you get subsidised when you buy it!), and extra parking spaces have been designated for this purpose. And if you travel by train from Roxel, Albachten or Hiltrup to the city centre, you can park your bike at the station in a covered Leezen box.

Another nice peak value on the side: statistically, every Münster resident has 1.65 metres of cycle path at his or her disposal. In relation, that is about four times as much as in Berlin.

That's why cycling in Münsterland is particularly fun:
  • Because we have around 4500 kilometres of cycle paths throughout Münsterland.
  • Because the queen of cycle routes winds its way through Münsterland: the 100 Castles Route, which connects more than 100 castles, manor houses and farmsteads.
  • Because exciting cycle route projects, for example around Münster, invite you to use your bike for longer journeys.
  • Because you almost never cycle alone: Around 90 percent of households in the region own at least one bicycle and around a third of Münsterlanders are on the move almost every day by leeze.
  • Because citizens also lend a hand themselves: In Münsterland, 270 kilometres of cycle paths were developed as citizens' cycle paths from 2005 to 2018 - i.e. with the support of local citizens and businesses.
  • Because you are rewarded for environmentally friendly exercise - thanks to the app Münster bewegt.
  • Because not only we, but also other German citizens say so: Münsterland has occupied one of the top places in the ADFC cycle trip analysis for years.

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