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Sustainable on the road by bike
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Sustainable on the road
Cycling for the climate

Cycling for the climate

We decide how we travel when it comes to the climate, what kind of example we set for our children, what kind of car we buy and how we go on holiday. The transport sector in particular is a major contributor to climate change - all the more reason to get on the "leeze" in Münsterland and turn the region into climate land.

Reduce emissions!

WhileCO2 levels in other sectors are falling, emissions from car and air traffic are actually rising. Four out of five people in Germany would like to have fewer cars - this was already shown by the Federal Environment Agency's "Study on Environmental Awareness" in 2016. Results from 2018 show that the importance of environmental and climate protection has risen further: 80 percent of people, for example, would like safe cycle paths and more bicycle parking facilities for commuting by pedelec - without sweating to work including a fitness programme in the fresh air. Thanks to pedelecs, 20 to 30 kilometres to work and even inclines are no problem.

Getting to school in the fresh air - on foot or by bike

Long queues of cars in front of kindergartens and schools - stressed parents and whining kids: it doesn't have to be like that. There are almost always ways to organise the way to school on foot or by bike. Children who exercise are more balanced and concentrated. Movement is good for body coordination and strengthens self-confidence.

Walking or cycling together is an important step towards independence for children. And everything can be practised: exploring the safest way to school together with mum and dad makes you proud. Walking buses and bicycle esc orts are often offered by the school and promote belonging. Smart parents organise cycling communities with each other. All pupils are covered by statutory accident insurance on the way to and from school.

School buses also take the little ones safely to school. And if the parents' taxi cannot be avoided at all: simply form car pools !

Hands-on activities

There are many exciting campaigns that your city or community can get involved in. Feel free to ask:

Switch to the bike | 10 Good reasons

  • Fresh air: Children who exercise are more balanced and concentrated. Movement is good for body coordination and strengthens self-confidence.
  • Short distances by bike make people happy and cheerful: After just 30 minutes, cyclists produce more happiness hormones and their mood brightens. Those who cycle to work or school arrive more alert and are more productive throughout the day.
  • Saves time: On many routes, cycling is faster than driving. Long traffic jams and the annoying search for a parking space are a thing of the past. With an electric bike, even gradients and longer distances are no problem.
  • Saves money: Bicycles provide everyone with low-cost mobility. You can buy a bike from a dealer for as little as 500 euros. In five years, that's 100 euros a year or 9 euros a month. A cheap car costs about 300 euros per month. In addition, there are many good second-hand bicycles for sale, especially in Münsterland.
  • Ensures better sleep: cycling helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Cyclists sleep better.
  • Is climate-friendly: No CO2 emissions, no noise and no pollutants - with a bike you are a real environmental angel. Full stop!
  • Is sociable: Joining a cycling group is a nice way to expand your circle of friends and make wayside cafés unsafe at the weekend.
  • Boosts brain power: Cycling improves blood flow by up to 70 per cent and helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus - the gateway to memory.
  • Keeps fit: Cycling boosts our fat metabolism and burns around 400 kilocalories per hour. Regular cycling significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also strengthens the immune system. Next to swimming, cycling is probably the most gentle sport for the musculoskeletal system.
  • No age limit: You can cycle at any age. Fields, meadows and forests are just waiting to be explored by bike! Even in the best-known corners of the city you can discover new things by bike.

Role models from the region

Further tips | Mobility and climate

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Pleasure and profit

With the new commuter allowance from 2020, you can get the maximum benefits for yourself with an e-bike.

Cargo bikes

In Holland, they are commonplace everywhere. And they are slowly conquering our hearts as well. Whether as a children's taxi or a transporter: all models are available with different bodies. More than half of our transports can be done with a cargo bike. Fast, mobile, environmentally friendly. You can rent cargo bikes in many places in Münsterland.


JobRad as a salary extra: Your employer leases the bike and you ride it whenever you want. The legislator promotes company bicycles through taxation in order to relieve traffic and protect the environment. As an employer, you are the decisive bike length ahead in the competition for skilled workers. Further information is available here:

Car sharing plus cycling

With this station wagon, at least the second car can become superfluous. After all, cars in this country stand around unused for an average of 23 out of 24 hours. Expensive fun. A little calculation by Stiftung Warentest: With less than 10,000 annual kilometres, car sharing is cheaper than owning a car. You save on MOT, insurance, taxes, maintenance and repairs. Further information is available here:

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Even more climate protection

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