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Tasks of Münsterland e.V. in the economic sector
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Tasks Economic sector

Tasks in the economic sector

Network. Activate. Support.

The Münsterland is a high-performance region. In the economic sector, Münsterland e.V. promotes innovations and start-ups. promotes innovations and start-ups, supports the securing and recruitment of skilled workers, profiles the Münsterland as an energy and climate protection region and develops future concepts for mobility in rural areas. This is achieved through its role as the region's network centre, bringing together business, science, politics and multipliers and coordinating joint activities.

In addition, the business section of Münsterland e.V. implements its own funding projects and is involved as a cooperation partner. The staff present the strengths of the region at trade fairs, events and with offers such as the business calendar and the commercial space exchange.

The Münsterland seal shows which foods and dishes come from regional businesses and producers and gives customers quick access to them.

The Münsterland Regional Agency is the point of contact for employment matters and implements the employment and training programmes of the NRW Ministry of Labour. To this end, it informs companies and employees about funding opportunities and advises them on how to apply. It also coordinates labour policy activities in the region.

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© Münsterland e.V./Arne Pöhnert
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Inform about the business location

Münsterland is a strong economic region. That is why we have compiled a lot of information about Münsterland as a business location on our website: Facts and figures about the structure or the labour market as well as examples of committed and innovative companies.