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Networking is one of the cultural tasks of Münsterland e.V.
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Tasks in the field of culture


Münsterland e.V. is active in the cultural sector with the Münsterland Cultural Office. It is one of nine coordinating offices in NRW for the state programme Regional Cultural Policy (RKP) - and thus the Münsterland's interface to the state of NRW. The cultural office promotes regional cultural development, among other things, by advising and networking cultural actors, thus creating the basis for cooperative cultural projects.

The Kulturbüro qualifies and professionalises the cultural actors in the region with the further education offers of the Kulturakademie .
With the Kulturrat Münsterland (Münsterland Cultural Council ), the Kulturbüro provides important impulses for cultural policy and takes a stand on current issues in the region. The Arts and Culture Foundation closes the gap between local commitment and established cultural funding.

Own projects

The Münsterland Cultural Office also promotes its own projects. Every two years, the Münsterland Festival brings outstanding international artists to Münsterland and helps the region grow together. The festival creates new and sustainable networks and encourages artists, partners and guests to engage in dialogue. Challenging and surprising cultural experiences await in very special places between town and country, in concert halls, stately homes and castles.

With the culture podcast"Mission White Flamingo", the cultural office takes a look behind the scenes at special and somewhat hidden cultural venues throughout the region. In doing so, it repeatedly deals with the question of how culture is set up, functions and what makes it so special, especially in rural areas.

stadt.land.text NRW is a literary residency programme that brings authors to the ten cultural regions of NRW every two years. For four months, the regional writers are on the road, exploring town, village and countryside and meeting their inhabitants.

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A project from the cultural sector: Münsterland Festival. A project from the cultural sector: Münsterland Festival.
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