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Screen.IT | Digital Info Boards

Relevant information in the right place at the right time.

With Screen.IT, our application for digital information boards, you can provide information for your guests in no time at all. Tailored to the needs of your guests, you can compile the desired information on sights, routes and events with just a few clicks. Clear layouts for digital displays, the targeted selection of content and numerous practical functions result in almost unlimited possibilities for you and your guests.

The information comes directly from the Münsterland data portal and can be selected and arranged by you. You can use filter functions to adapt maps of the surrounding area, use the digital assistant or include departure times for the next bus stop.

Screen.IT is not only a unique solution for digital information boards, but can also be easily transferred to your mobile phone via QR code. This allows you to reach your guests wherever they are without much effort.

Selection of functions

Screen.IT offers numerous functions for the optimal use of digital information boards. Here we have put together a selection for you:

  • Automatic switching between day and night view
  • Choice of 17 layouts each in landscape and portrait format
  • Availability in D, NL and EN
  • All links integrated as QR codes
  • Suitable for touchscreen or normal screen
  • Automatic reset to the start screen
  • Choice of over 19,000 pictograms for layouts
  • Lowering the view for barrier-free access
  • Frabsystem for displaying opening hours
  • Optimised for transfer to mobile devices

Precisely compiled contents

The flexible integration of content in Screen.IT allows you to adapt the information precisely to the needs of your guests. With numerous modules, you can set content priorities without losing the overview. At the same time, you minimise the effort required for data maintenance, because you can simply transfer most of the content from the Münsterland data portal.

Simply add modules to your digital information board:

  • Opening hours
  • Prices
  • Picture galleries
  • Selected text modules
  • Event overview
  • Individual lists with mixed content on sights, events and routes
  • Overview pages on individual sights, events and routes
  • Surrounding maps with mixed content on sights, events and routes
  • Departure monitor for all bus and train stops in Münsterland
  • Digital assistants

Numerous filter options and ready-made templates offer the perfect balance of standardisation and individuality.

Ideas around Screen.IT

Sreen.It can not only be played out on screens, but can also be optimally integrated into the communication with the guest via QR code. On the room card, at the bus stop, in the shop window, in the brochure or on the booking confirmation - with Screen.IT you can always provide your guest with the right information.

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Robert Denzer
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Robert Denzer
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