Münsterland Ride Warendorf 2019
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Galloping through the Münsterland: Münsterland ride enthused riders around Warendorf

WARENDORF. Last Saturday, around 51 riders discovered the horse region Münsterland around Warendorf for themselves. Between meadows and fields, they went on horseback through the horse town at the invitation of Münsterland e.V., the district of Warendorf and the town of Warendorf.

"The Münsterland Ride is the ideal format to make the beauty of the Münsterland horse region known beyond its borders," said Marion Pleie, project manager for the Münsterland horse region at Münsterland e.V. "More than half of the participants came from Bochum, Delbrück, Dortmund, Essen or neighbouring Lower Saxony, for example. This shows that our region is also perceived from outside as a worthwhile destination for an excursion."

The starting and finishing point was an area of the "German Olympic Committee of Equestrianism" in Warendorf. Markus Scharmann, Head of the Federal Base and Event Management at the German Equestrian Federation e.V., welcomed the participants in bright sunshine. After breakfast, the riders set off with friends or in small groups, choosing between a 24-kilometre or 34-kilometre circuit.

Beautiful sand, forest and meadow paths led on horseback after about 16 kilometres to the Milte-Sassenberg Riding and Driving Club e.V. There, a well-deserved lunch break awaited animals and humans. After the lunch break, the trails invited the participants to take extensive gallops along the Hessel. Others used this quiet time for relaxed conversations with fellow riders.

Shortly before the finish, some decided to take a loop through the horse town of Warendorf. Past the grounds of the German Armed Forces Sports School, the DEULA, through new housing estates to the Emssee, where bright children's eyes awaited them at the playground. After petting the horses and ponies, they returned to the starting point.

Coffee, cake and many conversations about the kilometres covered followed.

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Marion Pleie
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Eva Stannigel

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