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Horse Region Münsterland
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Horse Region Münsterland

Horse Region Münsterland

Horses belong to Münsterland just like its castles and palaces. For generations, there has been a particularly close relationship between horse and man. This has led to the development of a region for horses and riders that is probably unique in Germany.

With more than 100,000 horses, the Münsterland is one of the most horse-rich regions in Europe. Of the 1.5 million inhabitants in the Münsterland horse region, around 80,000 practise riding and driving, vaulting or learn about a new world in therapy with horses. Over 1,000 horse farms are spread across the Münsterland. A density that is hard to find elsewhere and does not make the choice easy for many a horse owner. Idyllic half-timbered farms, rustic open stables, ultra-modern equestrian facilities - everyone can find something suitable for their passion for horses in Münsterland.

1,000 possibilities for four hooves

There's nothing in the Münsterland horse region that isn't there! Whether you are a riding beginner or a professional, the riding schools and horse farms in the region can help you in every way. Whether you are planning a relaxing holiday on a horse holiday farm, indulge in the wellness craze and place your horse in a veterinary professionally supervised fitness centre or would like to use your stay for intensive training - the horse scene in the Münsterland has something to offer for everyone.

Horse lovers are not the only ones to be inspired by the first-class events. Some, such as the stallion parades, the symphony of stallions or the tournaments at the Riesenbeck International are known throughout Europe. Just like the wild horses in the Merfelder Bruch - the last of their kind in Europe.

If you don't just want to look, but would like to explore the Münsterland yourself high in the saddle, you can take wonderful rides with your horse on the over 1,000 km long Münsterland riding route.

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