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Instawalk at the State Stud in Warendorf
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Influencers visit the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud: Münsterland e.V. promotes the horse region in social media

Equipped with smartphones and cameras, 16 influencers and Instagrammers went on a so-called Instawalk on the grounds of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud in Warendorf on Friday afternoon. An Instawalk is about opening doors for successful influencers who reach many people on the Instagram platform and providing insights behind the scenes. Münsterland e.V. invited to an exclusive guided tour and carriage ride over the grounds of the State Stud. The participants of the Instawalk then shared their impressions with their community on social media.

The State Stud in Warendorf looks back on a history of more than 190 years and is known to horse breeders from all over Europe. For fans of the four-legged friends and tourist guests, the stud farm in the horse town of Warendorf is a popular destination. "With the Instawalk, we wanted to bring the tradition of horse breeding and training in Münsterland closer to the Instagram audience. There was also an exciting insight into the event preparations for the 'Symphony of Stallions' and the 'Warendorf Stallion Parades'," reported Anja Lehnerl, who is responsible for the horse region at Münsterland e.V.. "Everyone was thrilled by the historic buildings and the magnificent stallions they got to see and photograph." The Instawalk was accompanied by representatives of the district and the city of Warendorf, as well as Mayor Peter Horstmann, who took part as a guest of honour.

The tour started with a carriage ride across the extensive grounds of the stud, past the stables, the riding halls, the new exercise facility and the outdoor paddocks. "Our gates are open to visitors, the grounds and the stables can be visited on your own or via guided tours of the stud," said Stud Director Dr Felix Austermann, who also let the Instawalk participants take a look at the harness room and the associated repair workshop. "Horses definitely belong to Warendorf and the Münsterland and we are happy to bring the 'cultural asset horse' closer." The influencers and Instagrammers were also allowed to watch the training for the events.

When looking into the historic stables, the smartphones and their owners particularly noticed the green pillars and the vaulted ceiling. Around 80 breeding stallions and 40 school horses from the German Riding School, which is part of the State Stud, are cared for and exercised at the facility. Training horses and riders is also part of the daily work at the stud. Finally, the influencers and Instagrammers tried to capture the horses' movements on camera during training for a carriage show. Influencer Kira Jasperneite, who reaches 22,220 subscribers on Instagram with her account @oldenbeasts, was fascinated by the large facility: "The stud farm seemed like an oasis in the middle of the city to me. For me, the topic of breeding was totally interesting because I have a mare with foals myself. And I will remember the carriage ride with the Rhenish-German cold-blooded horses Aaro and Adoro for a long time."

Joining the Instawalk were @__.instabel.__ , @anna_feinesreiten , @entdeckerstorys , @entdeckerstorys_junior , , @gs.samsoni , @horseandlife_jc , @kira_steinschulte , @lhaerialviews , @michaelastuber , @muensterblicke , @oldenbeasts , @leezenland , @pferdeverliebt , @aketteler, @sassydetroit, @meinpferd.magazin , @wochenblatt_com and @landgestuet_warendorf. These channels have a total reach of 80,044 followers. The Instawalk was accompanied by the accounts of Münsterland e.V. (@muensterland.dasguteleben and @muensterland) and the city of Warendorf (@stadtwarendorf and @warendorf.erleben).

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