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Westfalen Colliery in Ahlen in Münsterland
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Getting a taste of mining in Ahlen
Westphalia Colliery

Westphalia Colliery

When they hear the word "colliery", most people first think of the Ruhr region. But there is also one in the Münsterland: the "Westfalen" colliery in Ahlen. The former coal mine is now a monument, leisure area and commercial zone: markets, events, tourist attractions and high-tech companies characterise the image of the disused colliery. Experience one of the highest indoor climbing walls, play football in Germany's first soccerkaue or visit the Grubenwehr Museum. Cafés, picnic areas and long promenades round off the attraction.

From coal and miners to culture and leisure

The construction of the coalfield began in 1907, and the first coal was mined here five years later. A total of seven shafts were subsequently built. The colliery was not only one of the most modern mines of the late Empire, but also the deepest at the time. For in Ahlen the miners had to descend to a previously unattained depth of over 1 km. In the Ruhr area, by contrast, the "black gold" came almost directly to the surface in some places.

In 2000, the colliery was finally shut down. Little by little, the shafts disappeared. All that remains is the double shaft system I/II with the two remaining winding towers, which are listed as historical monuments. In addition, there are various other historic buildings to discover, for example the gatekeeper's building, the workshops or the locomotive shed.

Listen in! Podcast "So oder so" | The colliery in Ahlen

"SO OR SO - your Münsterland". With this podcast from Germany's most beautiful region, you will experience a short acoustic tour of the colliery site in Ahlen. Come along and learn more about a piece of industrial culture in Münsterland in ten minutes:

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4 Tips for Westfalen Colliery

  • The WerseRadweg runs for 125 kilometres through southern Münsterland. Ahlen is one of the stops on the route. Follow the river through the beautiful landscapes of Münsterland and get to know the interesting places along the way.
  • In Ahlen's old town, modern buildings meet historically valuable architecture: buildings such as St. Bartholomew's Church and the Old Town Hall on the market square are just a few of the important houses from seven centuries.
  • Visit Ahlen as part of an event: the town festival or the Pöttkes and Töttken markets are among the absolute highlights of the year.
  • From the town gallery to the art museum to the museum in the goldsmith's house: there is a lot to learn in Ahlen's town centre.

Places of interest around Westfalen Colliery

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