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Pleister Mühle am Werse Radweg
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The WerseRadweg runs for 125 kilometres through the southern Münsterland - sometimes directly along the little river Werse, sometimes further away through the landscape shaped by the Werse. The cycle path connects the source near Beckum with the mouth of the river Ems near Münster. Signposted cycle routes are also available from Rheda-Wiedenbrück and Hamm. Follow the blue ribbon of the Werse through one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Münsterland and discover charming places and interesting insights into the history of the region.

Unexpected landscapes along the cycle route

The landscape of the cycle tour is surprisingly varied. From the urban south, the river cycle path leads west. Fields, meadows and farms dominate here, as does the landscape with its clayey soils. Before it flows into the Ems, the Werse shows its original face. Floodplain landscapes, sandbanks and oxbow lakes transform the area into a wild and romantic natural spectacle. A special natural spectacle is the Blue Lagoon in Beckum. The turquoise water of the two lakes gives the nature reserve a real Caribbean flair!

By the way: If you don't want to plan your own cycling tour on the WerseRadweg, you can opt for a multi-day package tour.

History and stories

Five lookout towers and information blocks open up the Werse Cycle Path.

The Werse Cycle Route is characterised by uniform features: five lookout towers provide special views of the landscape along the route. You will find the stations in the following places:

Oelde-Stromberg | Beckum-Vellern | Beckum | Ahlen | Sendenhorst-Albersloh

34 information blocks also present numerous cultural and scenic features. Let yourself be surprised by history and stories. Steles attract attention and provide orientation, and rest areas invite you to linger and have a picnic. Along the entire Werse cycle path, cosy restaurants and country cafés invite you to stop for a bite to eat.

Insider tip

Two rivers at one stroke

Treat yourself to a bike tour with two rivers. Follow the Werse cycle path from Rheda-Wiedenbrück to Münster. And there you simply change to the Ems cycle path and cycle via Telgte and Warendorf back to Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Take advantage of one of the most beautiful cycle path combinations in Münsterland for your next bike tour.

Münsterland bewegt | Werse Cycle Route

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Places along the Werse Cycle Route

Rheda Castle on the Werse Cycle Path
© Flora Westfalica

Rheda-Wiedenbrück is not only known for its magnificent castle. The historic old town enchants with its half-timbered houses, narrow alleys and beautiful squares. The pleasant atmosphere makes Rheda-Wiedenbrück the ideal starting point on the Werse Cycle Route. A 105-kilometre-long relaxed cycle tour along the Werse lies ahead of you.

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Four Seasons Park in Oelde
© Münsterland e.V ./Philipp Fölting

The Four Seasons Park in Oelde is transformed into a sea of blossoms throughout the year. A visit is just as worthwhile to the beer museum in the Potts brewery. A real insider tip is the blossoming of the plum trees in the district of Stromberg. You can get a perfect view from one of the five observation towers along the Werse cycle path.

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The landscape around Beckum
© Münsterland e.V ./ Kai Marc Pel

The beautiful district of Vellern welcomes cyclists on the outskirts of Beckum. It is hard to imagine that there have been quarries in this gentle landscape since the Middle Ages. The lookout tower gives you a good insight. The cement district of Beckum has been transformed more and more into a nature experience. The renaturation of the Werseaue or the Phoenixpark also fit in with this.

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Westphalia Colliery
© Münsterland e.V ./ Kai Marc Pel

Ahlen looks back on a very eventful and long history. Even in Charlemagne's time, a Saxon noble court stood here. Some dark sides and many bright spots still characterise the city today. A visible sign of the recent past is the Westfalen colliery. However, the beautiful market square remains the town's favourite place.

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The old mill of Drensteinfurt
© Stadt Drensteinfurt

The name of Drensteinfurt already suggests it. There used to be an important ford through the Werse at this point. The river therefore plays a special role in the history of the town. Find out what Drensteinfurt has to do with "Bengal fire" and sugar on your cycle tour along the Werse cycle path.

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Wersestrand in ALbersloh
© Münsterland e.V ./Philipp Fölting

The Sendenhorst-Albersloh district lies at the transition from clay to sandy soils. The Werse river has not only drawn settlement boundaries that are still visible today, but has also left behind fertile soils. The lookout tower offers a view of the old cultivated landscape. The church tower of Albersloh acts as a signpost on the Werse cycle path, which leads from here on to Münster.

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Prinzipalmarkt in Münster
© Münsterland e.V ./Philipp Fölting

The Werse reaches the city of Münster via the suburb of Wolbeck. In the meadows that follow, the Werse shows its most beautiful side. At the Pleister Mill you have the opportunity to swap your bike for a canoe. The Werse is an excellent canoeing area.

Don't miss a detour to the old town of Münster. The cityscape and the countless sights will delight you at the end of your bike tour.

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The Werse Cycle Route at a glance

  • 104 km
  • Route tour
  • easy
  • signposted
  • Multiday tour
  • Nature
  • Rheda-Wiedenbrück
  • Oelde
  • Beckum
  • Ahlen
  • Drensteinfurt
  • Münster
  • Sendenhorst

Map | Werse Cycle Route

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