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Holidays with all your senses - that's what the municipality of Wadersloh in the south-east of Münsterland has to offer. Discover Wadersloh in your own way! For example, in the sensory park with humming stones, sound columns, partner swings and much more. The cosy inns, hotels and farm guesthouses, where guests are looked after with genuine Westphalian hospitality, also invite you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Boredom is a foreign word in Wadersloh

Those who prefer active holidays can go hiking, cycling, horse riding, play tennis or squash. Guests can experience history and culture by visiting Liesborn Abbey Museum, which houses an important collection of crosses. Cycle paths lead from Wadersloh to interesting destinations such as Lippstadt, Hovestadt Castle near Lippe Valley or the Lippe Valley.

Concert enjoyment at Liesborn Abbey

The Liesborn Museum Concerts chamber music festival, which takes place annually in spring, is known beyond the region. Visitors experience an extraordinary musical treat in a special ambience. In August, the Craft Day is a special experience.

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Lieborn Abbey in Wadersloh Lieborn Abbey in Wadersloh
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Liesborn Abbey
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