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The Harkotten von Ketteler Castle in Sassenberg
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Part of a unique double lock system
Harkotten Castle

Visitors to Schloss Harkotten von Ketteler in Sassenberg's district of Füchtorf will find a castle in a double pack. The rare form of double castle complex, which is divided into Schloss Harkotten von Ketteler and Herrenhaus Harkotten von Korff, has its "dichotomy" in a family feud in the Middle Ages. A common outer castle with a mill, court house, dungeon, forester's house, brewery and castle chapel unite the two manors. The castle itself is not open to the public, but in the Korff manor house you can find out all about the history of the complex and enjoy various events such as the garden festival.

Make two out of one

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Such an impressive castle complex harbours plenty of stories and legends. In this case, the "white lady" is a lore about a mysterious drawing with an eerie background. According to this, a portrait of a woman from the 18th century placed in the castle shows a lovely lady with a feathered hat at first glance. Held against the light, it is said, a second image emerges, depicting the woman in ugliness. Whether a maiden burnt as a witch or called "Breen Tühne" and walled up in the castle tower, this lady is said to wander through the castle as a ghost and to appear every twelve years at the midnight hour when the mist rises over the moats and meadows.

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The Münster Tatort as a guest

There are some exciting castle scenes to discover in the Münster crime scene "der dunkle Fleck" (2002). As the filming location for the series, the episode gives rare insights into the remotest corners of the magnificent castle walls.

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4 Tips for Harkotten Castle

  • The castle is privately owned and can only be visited from a distance.
  • You can experience history up close at the neighbouring Harkotten manor house.
  • Combine your stay with a walk and a picnic at the Feldmarksee.
  • The small district of Füchtorf is famous for its tasty asparagus.
  • Discover the beauty of the region in one day on the 55 km long cycle tour "From gate to gate".
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I am a blue castle! I am privately inhabited and not accessible. Please regard me respectfully at a distance - I wave to you from afar ...

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