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Harkotten Manor House in Sassenberg
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Part of a unique double lock system
Harkotten Manor

Harkotten Manor

The classical Harkotten manor house in Sassenberg is part of a very impressive and extremely rare type of double castle complex in Germany: together with the Harkotten Castle of the von Ketteler family, which rises as if from nowhere behind the manor house, the complex is one of the most beautiful excursion destinations in Münsterland. The origin of the entire complex can be traced back to the 13th century.

Former moated castle

In 1308, the knight Heinrich II von Korff built a strategically important moated castle, the "Horekotten", on the present-day site of the double castle complex - precisely on the border of the Münsterland region with Lower Saxony and the Münster diocese with the Osnabrück diocese. After the death of Heinrich II, the property was divided among his sons and two branches of the von Korff family began building their own family residences on the property. When the male line of inheritance of the Korff-Schmiesing became extinct in 1615, the von Ketteler family came to the castle by marriage, who had their part of the castle demolished from 1755 and began building a representative Baroque castle.

A good 50 years later, the western wing of the original complex was demolished. Here, Anton Friedrich and Rosine von Korff commissioned a "young savage" who finally made a name for himself with the construction: Adolph von Vagedes began the construction of today's classicist manor house.

Experience living history

Today, the Harkotten manor house is still owned by the von Korff family. The family still lives in and manages the estate and is safeguarding the exciting family history for posterity in the long term: a museum is currently being created in the rooms on the ground floor, which can be visited on request as part of a guided tour. Especially the wall paintings by the court painter Philipp Bartscher, which have been uncovered again, have inspired numerous visitors since the elaborate restoration.

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The Harkotten Forest The Harkotten Forest
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A perfect Sunday

The von Korff family prepares a special treat for its guests every Sunday when the doors of the Wappensaal - the in-house restaurant in the former cowshed - open at 10 am. It is absolutely worth making a reservation in advance: first feast your taste buds on the rich breakfast buffet, then experience the manor house with its radiant splendour of colour from the inside with a reservation and end your perfect Sunday with a long walk in the Korff and Ketteler forests. If you're lucky, the baroness of the house will even give you a personal tour of the manor house!

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Harkotten Castle on the 100 Castles Route Harkotten Castle on the 100 Castles Route
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