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Loburg House in Coesfeld
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Turbulent history since the 16th century
Loburg House

Loburg House

In the picturesque farming community of Sirksfeld near Coesfeld, Haus Loburg rests gracefully on its moats amidst many fields and meadows. "Die Loburg", as the noble residence is called, offers a historic ambience for civil weddings in its baroque chapel and a beautiful backdrop for romantic photo shoots all year round.

A building in constant change

The roots of the estate are thought to date back to the time of Charlemagne. However, the manor house was not built until around 1560 by the Westphalian noble family von Graes, who steadily expanded it over the next three centuries. It was subsequently acquired by the Salm-Salm princely family, whose descendants still run and use the 80-hectare estate for agricultural purposes. Probably the most extensive construction work took place after the Second World War, during which almost all parts of the house, except for the chapel, were destroyed and rebuilt from 1946 onwards.

Lots going on at the Vielerlei

Every year on the third Sunday in Advent, the so-called "Vielerlei" takes place at Loburg Castle, where art objects, jewellery, farm-grown vegetables, wines and wild produce are sold. Only on this day is the Loburg open to the public.

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Loburg House

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4 Tips for the Loburg House

  • As a cyclist, you can choose between flat cycling tours in the western Münsterland or routes through the hilly Baumberge mountains in Coesfeld and its idyllic surroundings.
  • The signposted Ludgerusweg (Ludgerus Trail ) leads hikers over the juicy hills of the Baumberge to Tilbeck Abbey.
  • Antique dolls, real tin toys, a small steam engine from days gone by and many more fascinating things await you in the town's doll and toy museum.
  • You can experience impressive performances and concerts at the Coesfeld Concert Theatre. A true cultural delight in the Münsterland.

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