Hiking on the Ludgerusweg | Hiking in Münsterland
Ludgerusweg Landscape
© Münsterland e.V. / Hans Zaglitsch
Hiking through vast landscapes


The church towers in Münsterland are landmarks visible from afar. Magnificent houses of worship, quiet monasteries and picturesque chapels characterise the image of the region. Of course, this also applies to the hilly Baumberge hills, through which the Ludgerusweg runs. The 30-kilometre hiking trail connects Tilbeck Abbey south of Havixbeck via Billerbeck with the district town of Coesfeld.

In the footsteps of St Ludgerus

Saint Ludgerus was not only the first bishop of Münster, but also had a decisive influence on the spread of the faith. On this hike you will follow in the footsteps of faith. The Ludgerusweg leads past numerous historic wayside crosses, statues and churches. Places of interest such as the sandstone museum in Havixbeck, the picturesque old town of Nottuln and the Longinus Tower are connected to the main trail by a total of 14 signposted access routes. You should not miss a visit to Billerbeck Cathedral and the picturesque Kolvenburg (directly on the trail). 42 information boards along the main trail and the access paths show you the right way and describe the sights along the way.

Wonderful natural landscapes and wide views over the Münsterland make the Ludgerusweg particularly attractive. The rolling hills with their stands of trees, lush meadows and pastures and numerous small watercourses are typical of this part of Münsterland.

Places with a connection to the Ludgerus Way

Town centre
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

Havixbeck is located at the eastern end of the Ludgerusweg. The access path starts at the town's church square and leads in two loops to the main path. Before you start, however, you should definitely take a look at the Baumberg Sandstone Museum. The sandstone of the Baumberge is famous for its wonderful colour and has been used in many buildings.

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The Longinus Tower near Nottuln
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Before you leave Nottuln on the access route, you should take a short stroll through the beautiful old town. The two access paths also start at Stiftplatz. You can either hike through the picturesque Stevertal valley or conquer the 189-metre-high Westerberg with the Longinus Tower right at the beginning of your hike. This is also the highest point of the main trail.

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Billerbeck Cathedral greets you from afar. Its towers tower far above the houses of the town. Don't miss the opportunity to take a look inside. Before you stop off at one of the restaurants on the cathedral square, you should visit the Kolvenburg. Beautiful concerts are held in this historic building time and again.

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Coesfeld at the Ludgeruswerg
© Hartwig Heuermann

The district town of Coesfeld is the starting or end point of the Ludgerusweg. The lively town centre with its restaurants and cafés is ideal for discussing the experience again at the end of the hike or for spending another night in the Münsterland. The unique Concert Theatre of Coesfeld promises a very special cultural treat. Not only are the artists first-class, but the acoustics are also unique.

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Map | Ludgerusweg

The Ludgerusweg at a glance

  • 30 km
  • Route tour
  • medium
  • signposted
  • Multiday tour
  • Nature
  • Havixbeck
  • Nottuln
  • Billerbeck
  • Coesfeld

Access routes to the Ludgerusweg

Signposting access routes Lugderusweg Signposting access routes Lugderusweg
© Baumberge Touristik

The seven access paths are marked with an orange marking. The main trail is marked in purple. Access paths can be found at the following locations:

  • Access path Tilbeck Monastery
  • Access path Havixbeck
  • Access path Schapdetten
  • Access path Nottuln
  • Access route Darup
  • Access route Billerbeck
  • Access route Darfeld
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