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The Loburg moated castle in Ostbevern
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting
Framed by green landscapes
Loburg Castle

Loburg Castle

The Loburg is an impressive moated castle in Ostbevern, idyllically situated in a lush English garden with rhododendron stands over a hundred years old. The Loburg's eventful history begins as early as the Middle Ages and ranges from the Schulzenhof to a knight's castle and palace to a boarding school and school building.

From the Gothic to the Modern Age

First mentioned in 1294 as the farm "Lohaus", Haus Loburg was partially fortified in the 15th century and rebuilt into a Baroque pleasure palace around 1760 according to plans by the master architect Johann Conrad Schlaun.

Mystical prediction and destroyed art

The castle fell victim to a devastating fire in 1899. The disaster was prophesied by a local Spökenkieker, a Westphalian soothsayer. An unpublished handwritten sonata by Beethoven was also irretrievably lost in the fire.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the palace was restored in the style of Schlaun's building and was not damaged by the Second World War. Since 1951, Loburg Castle has housed the Collegium Johanneum, a free Catholic boarding school of the Münster diocese.

Romantic forests

Rhododendrons at Loburg Castle Rhododendrons at Loburg Castle
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

The park at Loburg Castle covers an area of almost 60 hectares. Today, most of it is a wooded area whose quiet paths allow for extended walks and hikes. The landscape park directly adjacent to the castle was laid out in the early 20th century and enchants with its ancient rhododendron stands. Interesting guided tours give you a great insight into the park and its history.

The magnificent moated castle is now used as an episcopal boarding school and grammar school. In this special audio journey, Dr Oliver Niedostadek, the school's managing director, invites you to learn more about Loburg Castle. Listen to the eventful history and get to know the Loburg from its vulnerable side: Change of ownership, fire, loss of irretrievable cultural assets - this journey will captivate you!

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4 Tips for Loburg Castle

  • Loburg Castle is the starting point for 2 great hikes. The 9 km long "Bieberwanderroute" leads once around Ostbevern. The 18 km long "Grosse Schirlwanderweg" leads through fields, heath areas and the largest forest area in Ostbevern.
  • If you are interested in other cultural treasures of the town, we recommend the "Museum of Historical Washing Technology" and the carriage museum "Kock's Kutschen & Karren" near the Old Mill.
  • On 11 and 12 June 2022, the gates of private gardens will open during the "Looked over the wall" campaign. A great highlight for all garden lovers.
  • The Gasthof Mersbäumer stands not only for tradition but also for excellent regional cuisine.
  • An excursion by bike is particularly worthwhile because Loburg Castle is located on three well-known and popular cycling routes in the region: the 100 Castles Route, the Peace Route and the Border Crossers Route.

Places of interest around Loburg Castle


The MünsterlandBlog

In the staircase of the castle In the staircase of the castle
© Ines-Bianca Hartmeyer
We have tested an event at Loburg Castle for you

Even though Loburg Castle actually serves as a school building, it opens its doors to external guests from time to time. Our guest blogger Ines-Bianca Hartmeyer visited the castle with her family for "Art and Coffee". You can read more about the history of the castle and get insider tips in her article for MünsterlandBlog.

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