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Nordkirchen Castle in Münsterland
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Nordkirchen Castle

Cycling at Nordkirchen Castle

Nordkirchen Castle is worth a visit on its own. However, it is also the perfect start and stage point for a cycling tour through the castles and palaces landscape of the Münsterland. Westerwinkel Castle and Vischering Castle are only a few kilometres away and can be easily reached by bike. The cycle paths lead through the park landscape without any notable inclines and you can choose whether you want to combine Nordkirchen Castle with a day tour or a short holiday.

Nordkirchen Castle in the Münsterland Cycling Region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Nordkirchen Castle can also be reached via the practical hub system. The hub system offers countless possibilities for cycling tours and circuits through the Münsterland.

  • Nordkirchen Castle is located in honeycomb 189.
  • Distance to Nordkirchen town centre 0.5 km

Themed routes at Nordkirchen Castle

Day tour from Nordkirchen Castle

From Nordkirchen Castle, the route follows very flat cycle paths southwards to Werne. The cycle path is framed by fields and meadows almost the entire time and only occasionally crosses a country road. At the market square in Werne, several restaurants and cafés tempt you to take a break. As soon as Werne is behind the cyclists, the surroundings become rural again. Small wooded areas mark the section of the route up to Westerwinkel Castle. A circular route begins in the courtyard of the castle and offers beautiful views of the castle. The restaurant at the golf course offers another opportunity to fortify yourself for the journey to Nordkirchen Castle.

The day's route from Nordkirchen Castle at a glance

  • 44 km
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Honeycomb 176/188
  • Day trip
  • Castle/Nature
  • Nordkirchen
  • Werne
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