Cycle Tour and Cycle Route in the Münsterland - In the Castles Triangle
Radtour Genuss im Schlösser Dreieck
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Enjoyment in the Castles Triangle

"Three in one stroke" - that could be the name of your next bike tour. On your way through southern Münsterland you will find three of the most beautiful buildings in the region. The approx. 60-kilometre cycle tour connects the castles of Westerwinkel, Nordkirchen and Burg Vischering in one day. Each building is worth a trip on its own - together they are a unique experience. The cycle routes take you through cosy villages and idyllic landscapes. Exactly the right cycle tour to lose sight of time and space and to get some peace and quiet.

We'll take you on a journey with us. In our info section you'll find all the information you need on opening times, prices and dates. Precisely tailored to the current situation.

Romanticism at Westerwinkel Castle

Your cycle tour starts at the railway station in Ascheberg. Perhaps you can fortify yourself before the start with a breakfast in one of the bakeries or cafés in the town. Then you're off. The cycle paths lead you southwards along many fields. Hardly a hill disturbs the view over the wide landscape of the Münsterland. After about 1 hour you will reach the beautiful Westerwinkel Castle. It is best to leave your bike near the car park and go on a short discovery tour on foot. Through the mighty gate you reach the quiet inner courtyard between the outer and main castle. When one of the free-roaming peacocks comes towards you, the romantic picture is perfect. The path leads you once around the entire moated castle and ends, accompanied by fruit trees, back at your bicycle. Allow about 30 minutes for the tour.

Picnic area Ascheberg Picnic area Ascheberg
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Pleasure on the tour

On your way between Ascheberg and Westerwinkel Castle, a beautiful picnic area invites you to linger. Take a seat and enjoy the "culinary delicacies" you have brought with you. The view of the surrounding landscape makes the first break of the day a real "moment of pleasure".

Still looking for the right ideas for your picnic? With our picnic recipes you can fill your picnic basket fresh and crisp.

Through the parkland to "Versailles

This is what a cycle tour in Münsterland must be like. The cycle paths lead harmoniously through the gentle landscape and church towers and farms greet you on the horizon. Fields and meadows accompany you on the way to the "Westphalian Versailles". Along the way, benches and tables offer space to "slow down". At Nordkirchen Castle, at the latest, your heart rate will increase again.

The castle rises majestically above the large park. The entrance via the main axis on Schlossstraße is particularly beautiful. The view over the lake and Venus Island to the castle is one of the most photographed motifs in Münsterland. At the latest during a tour of the park, you will realise why the castle attracts more than 100,000 visitors every year. Again and again, new perspectives open up on the castle and the park, which is decorated with statues. You should allow about 1 hour for a tour around the castle and the orangery.

Pavilion in the village park of Capelle Pavilion in the village park of Capelle
© Tourist-Information Nordkirchen
Picnic on the tour

You will find your picnic area in Nordkirchen at the village park in Nordkirchen-Capelle. Idyllically situated on the Capeller stream, the village park offers play facilities for children and a beautiful pavilion with seating for a cosy picnic break on your bike tour.

Castles like in a fairytale

As soon as you leave Nordkirchen Castle, the rural tranquillity of Münsterland surrounds you again. You'll enjoy cycling north along the cycle paths until you reach the 3-castle town of Lüdinghausen. Two castles in particular have taken our fancy here. Coming from the town centre, you will first see Lüdinghausen Castle. The paths around the castle lead into the courtyard of the historic sandstone building. Connected by a spacious green area, you come to a jewel of the Münsterland world of castles and palaces: Vischering Castle is definitely one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. Mighty, but by no means forbidding, its thick walls hint at its defences. The castle's museum is definitely a recommendation. Modern, vivid and wonderfully integrated into the historic building, it tells of history and stories. And who wouldn't want to learn more about the collar of Lambert von Oer?

Even if the story is a bit spooky, Burg Vischering takes particularly good care of its visitors these days. In the Café Reitstall, the chocolatey"Vischering Torte" is a true classic. A particularly sweet treat with a view of the picturesque main castle. Ritter Helmut's baking skills are known far beyond the borders of the town. His bread, warm from the oven, definitely belongs in your bicycle bag as a snack. Most of the time, however, it doesn't even make it out of the castle, but is eaten on the spot at one of the picnic tables.

So, well fortified, you get back in the saddle once more. On the last section to Ascheberg you could almost forget the time. Here the Münsterland shows its relaxed rural side. Horse farms, stately farmhouses and small St. Mary's chapels lie beneath the broad horizon. The spires of the St. Lambertus Church in Ascheberg can be seen from afar.

  • approx. 60 km
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Day trip
  • Locks
  • Rail journey
  • Ascheberg
  • Nordkirchen
  • Lüdinghausen
Ride this tour with the e-bike

If you prefer to travel by e-bike, you can rent a bike from the Lüdinghausen Tourist Information. Alternatively, you could start your bike tour here. The nearest charging station is just a stone's throw away and is located at Burg Vischering.

Info & service for the bike tour

Most of the offers and services along the route are open again.

Westerwinkel Castle:

  • Exterior: open at all times
  • Interior tour: As part of a guided tour for 8 or more people Apr-Oct, Fri-Sun, 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., by appointment.
  • Gastronomy at the adjacent golf course

Nordkirchen Castle:

  • Outdoor facilities accessible at all times
  • Gastronomy in the castle or a few metres away in the town centre
  • Guided tours through the park

Vischering Castle

  • Outdoor facilities accessible at all times
  • Gastronomy in the castle
  • Museum and museum shop in the castle
  • Guided tours: by appointment

Bicycle rental, accommodation, gastronomy

Hotel tip:

Would you like to combine your cycling tour with an overnight stay in Ascheberg? The Hotel garni Goldener Stern is located in the centre of town and directly on the signposted cycle paths in Münsterland.

Picnic ideas for your bike tour

Your journey

The railway station of Ascheberg
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On this cycle tour you can travel in an environmentally friendly way using public transport. The ideal starting point for the cycle tour is the railway station in Ascheberg (Westf.). The station is regularly served by the RB50 regional train on the Dortmund-Münster route. Construction work will be carried out on the line until August. A train replacement service has been set up.

If you are travelling by car, we recommend getting off at Schloss Westerwinkel in Ascheberg-Herbern. The castle can be reached in a few minutes from the A1 motorway | Ascheberg exit. There is a free car park in the immediate vicinity of the castle where you can park your car for an unlimited period of time.

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