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Schloss Wilkinghege is a hotel-restaurant with adjacent golf club
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Cultivated hospitality behind historic walls

Wilkinghege Castle

Surrounded by a moat and a beautiful park, Wilkinghege moated castle is located at the gates of Münster. The chic manor house, which houses a hotel with restaurant, lets its guests sleep, celebrate and dine in the style of glorious eras.

From a fortified moated castle to hospitality with a heart

Today's castle originated from a moated castle that was first mentioned in 1311 as a feudal estate of the von Rhemen zu Barsfeld family. The castle subsequently changed hands several times and in 1545 was the temporary property of the von Droste zu Hülshoff family. In its present form, the brick building was erected in 1550 by the Steveninck zu Broich family and rebuilt in Baroque style in 1719. In the meantime, it was once again the property of the von Rhemen zu Barensfeld family and subsequently of other owners, but the land and buildings finally became the property of the Winnecken family. Initially operated and used as a country estate, they had the manor house converted into an imposing hotel , which today meets the highest standards with its elegant rooms, splendid rooms and a romantic setting.

Wilkinghege Castle | Insider Tip

The best of city and country

Prominent guests have always known about the advantages of this tasteful house: Prince Bishop Christoph Bernhard von Galen, Baron Franz von Fürstenberg and the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, whose brother lived at the time as a steward at the castle. Today, guests from all over the world stay at Wilkinghege Castle. The hotel is an ideal location for combining city and country holidays.

Listening Journey | Wilkinghege Castle

Embark on an interesting journey through the history of the house with the Winnecken family, who as owners not only lovingly run the hotel business but also keep the castle character alive. From the carp breeding to an almost executed nobility meeting to the original furnishing of the castle from the 18th century: The audio journey to Wilkinghege Castle makes you want to hear more!

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Wilkinghege Castle

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Wilkinghege Palace at dusk Wilkinghege Palace at dusk
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We have tested Schloss Wilkinghege for you

Our guest blogger Long-Nong Huang spent a night in Wilkinghege Castle and talks about it on the MünsterlandBlog. How did it feel to sleep in the castle and what were his personal highlights? You can read about it now.

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