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House Welbergen in Ochtrup
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Castles and palaces close to nature

Castles close to nature in Münsterland

Historical buildings framed by magnificent green spaces or forests. The hearts of all those who love architecture and nature in equal measure will beat faster. You'll find many castles and palaces of this kind in Münsterland. Although most of the houses can only be visited by appointment, it is always worth the trip. For the "nature-loving" castles, which are an attraction in their own right, are characterised by their attractive location near spacious parks or nature reserves.
Just the right places for a quiet stroll, a delicious picnic with a view or to observe animals. But as we all know, pictures speak louder than words:

In Münsterland, more than 100 castles, palaces, monasteries and manor houses adorn the gentle park landscape. To help you plan your visit, we have divided the historical buildings into four categories. The nature-loving castles and palaces in the Münsterland belong to the green category.

You can find more information about the categories of the Münsterland castles and palaces region on our information page.

More castles: Highlights, Worth seeing, Private

In order not to lose track of the many large and small gems, we have divided our castles and palaces into four categories for you. In addition to the nature-loving (green), the highlights (yellow), the worth seeing (orange) and the private (blue) also await you in the region. Find out more about the properties here:

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