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Haus Rüschhaus bei Münster
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House Rüschhaus

Anyone heading for the small car park at Haus Rüschhaus will have no idea what a gem of late Baroque architecture lies behind the small wood. Only a few kilometres fromMünster's city centre , Haus Rüschhaus is a popular destination for cyclists and hikers.
The Westphalian Baroque master builder Johann Conrad Schlaun (1695 - 1773) built Haus Rüschhaus as his own country residence from 1745 to 1749 on an old farmstead. For the design of the house, he combined features of rural and representative, stately architecture both inside and out. He gave the island of the moats a clearly defined form and laid out a symmetrically structured kitchen garden and ornamental garden in keeping with the style of the time.

Residence of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

After the death of her father, the author Annette von Droste-Hülshoff moved with her mother and her sister Jenny to the Rüschhaus, only about five kilometres from the house where she was born in Hülshoff, where she lived from 1826 to 1846 and where she wrote, among other things, "The Jewish Book".
Droste lived in three small rooms on the mezzanine floor of the Rüschhaus, which she shared with her former nurse. She called her living room, where she retreated to write, her snail's shell.

The kitchen garden, overgrown in her day, was later restored as a baroque garden according to Schlaun's original plans. This beautiful "secret" nestles against the back of the house and offers ever-changing views from spring to autumn. A wonderful place for a walk in the historical ambience.


Droste Festival in 2022 Droste Festival in 2022
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Allmenden of the 21st century

"Where is commons?" The Droste Festival von Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature (CfL) is dedicated to the theme of common property under this motto this year. From 30 June to 2 July 2023, the garden of Haus Rüschhaus in Münster will be transformed into a playing field where artists and guests will explore the question of what belongs to everyone in common today in readings, performances, talks, workshops, installations, film screenings and a live role-play.

For more information on the festival, visit the website of the Center for Literature.

The best experiences at Haus Rüschhaus

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Service & Offers

  • Museum in the house
  • 100 Castles Route
  • Park at the house
  • Indoor
  • Bad weather offer
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Guided tours

Tour information

  • A tour of the outside of the facility is possible at any time.
  • A guided tour of the interior is possible from 01.04. to 31.10.
  • Wednesday to Sunday 11:00, 12:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30 hrs
  • .
  • During normal opening hours, 2 VR glasses with audio track are available on site. The VR glasses allow a 360-degree view of the historic interiors.

Admission Haus Rüschhaus

  • normal, adults:
    5,00 €
  • reduced, children/youth 6 to 17 years:
    3,50 €
  • reduced, family ticket:
    13,00 €
  • reduced, groups of 25 persons:
    4,44 €

Children up to 6 years free of charge

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Travel offers at Haus Rüschhaus

4 Tips for the Rüschhaus House

  • As an outdoor museum, the poetry trail connects Haus Rüschhaus with the legendary Hülshoff Castle. On the marked hiking trail you can immerse yourself in the world of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff and learn more about her life and work in analogue and digital form.
  • Haus Rüschhaus is a popular starting point for cycling tours to Münster. You can combine the best of the city and the countryside, and there are countless cycle routes to choose from.
  • Haus Vögeding, Wilkinghege Castle, Hülshoff Castle, Münster Castle - Haus Rüschhaus is embedded in a veritable landscape of castles.
  • With the north and south courses, two circuits of the 100 Castles Route lead past Haus Rüschhaus.

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