Park Nordkirchen Castle
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A park like a dream
Nordkirchen Castle Park

Nordkirchen Castle Park

Like Nordkirchen Castle itself, Nordkirchen Castle Park also occupies an outstanding position. This is true not only for Münsterland, but throughout Germany. The imposing size of the entire Nordkirchen castle grounds is breathtaking.

The Venus Island delights every visitor

The highlight of the garden art is the Venus Island planned by J.C. Schlaun. The baroque garden fascinates with its broderie parterre, whose visual axis is seemingly continued into infinity by a central park avenue. The sculptures erected on Venus Island in the early 18th century are no longer in their original places, but this does not detract from their beauty. In the 19th century, the park was rebuilt along the lines of English landscape gardens, before the Baroque style was again emphasised between 1903 and 1907.

European garden history was written in Nordkirchen

The approx. 170-hectare park is criss-crossed by numerous paths, some of them along open meadows and others through magnificent avenues. It is worth taking a little more time to explore Nordkirchen Castle Park. Only then does the size of the park and its significance for the history of garden art in Europe become really clear.

Past splendour in the Westpark

Where wide horse pastures stretch out today, the magnificent West Garden was located in times gone by. A few relics of the baroque gardens can still be discovered. The Oranienburg pleasure palace was initially planned as an orangery, but was later developed into a pleasure palace. The regularity of the two-storey historical building contrasts beautifully with the copses in the background. The orangery in the palace park is much simpler. The two short side wings used to house the gardeners' flats.

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The Schlosspark Nordkirchen is open daily. When visiting, the usual hygiene and distance rules apply.

Nordkirchen Castle Park

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Nordkirchen Castle in Münsterland Nordkirchen Castle in Münsterland
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The "Versailles of Westphalia
Nordkirchen Castle
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