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Saline Park Rheine
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Salt is in the air
Saline Park Rheine

Saline Park Rheine

In the very north of Münsterland, salt is in the air. The Salinenpark in Rheine has enjoyed great popularity since its opening in 2004. Tranquillity is a very striking element of the Salinenpark and this is also reflected in the garden architecture.

Garden architecture with an ulterior motive

The Saline consists of two graduation towers whose visually missing centrepiece is supplemented by box-shaped lime trees. This idea gives the whole park more space and air and also opens up the view to the fields and woods in the background. Everywhere in the park there are benches and quiet places that invite you to spend some relaxing moments.

From the spa park to the citizens' park

The spa house belongs to the "Gottesgabe" salt works, and at the beginning of the 20th century it formed the centre of the spa park together with several gardens, selected shrubs and flower beds. The park and numerous buildings were severely damaged during a flood on the Ems in 1946. In the course of the redesign in the 1970s, parts of the spa park were built over.

Rattling is part of the trade

From spring onwards, there is a rattling in the air. Numerous storks settle around the saltworks and spend the summer here. The majestic birds can then be observed everywhere on the meadows. Even though the storks have become accustomed to spectators, they remain shy. Just let yourself be enchanted by the sight.

The Bentlager triad

Today, the "Gottesgabe" salt works, together with the Rheine Nature Zoo and the Bentlage Monastery, form the famous Bentlager triad. Various themed trails stretch through the beautiful grounds to the Ems River and show interesting insights into the history, present and nature of the park. The various paths can be combined to create very beautiful tours. Cyclists can reach the Salinenpark via the Ems Cycle Route and the 100 Castles Route.

How much time should you plan for the Salinenpark? You should definitely take a break here on your cycling tour. If you want, you can also spend a whole day at the Bentlager Dreiklang.

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The Saline Park is open all day. When visiting the facility, the usual hygiene and distance rules apply.

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Saline Park Rheine

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