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Picnic in Gronau
Gronau picnic baskets

The Gronau picnic baskets

Grab a picnic basket, rucksack or bicycle bag and explore Gronau on your own. By bike, on foot or in a completely different way. Experience THE GOOD LIFE in Gronau and find your favourite place for a relaxed picnic with family, friends and of course delicious food from the region. The Duesmann bakery has put together two different picnic baskets for you.

Contents for 2 people:

  • 2 wheat croissants and butter croissants
  • Honey from the Gronau beekeeper
  • homemade jam
  • Mettwurst from the butcher's shop Laschke from Heek
  • Cheese (Gouda) from the region
  • Tomato-Mozarella skewers
  • homemade egg salad
  • a pot of filter coffee
  • a large bottle of mineral water

Price: 35,- Euro

Contents for 2 people:

  • Homemade wholemeal sandwiches with cooked ham and cheese
  • Vegetable variation (raw vegetables) with delicious garlic dip
  • Meatballs
  • Chicken crossies and BBQ dip
  • Muensterland gherkins
  • sparkling Piccolo champagne
  • a large bottle of mineral water
  • colourful fruit salad
  • freshly baked muffins from the bakery

Price: 35,- Euro

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Order and collection

You have to order a picnic basket 2 days in advance. You can pick up your basket at Café Backstage in the rock'n'popmuseum. (Alternative: Bäckerei Duesmann, Enscheder Str. 81).

The deposit is 30 euros per basket.

Tip: Please bring Tupperware containers for leftover food so that nothing has to be disposed of.

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