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Doing good together
RennFietsen Tour

Organisation and helpers team

A charity ride like the RennFietsen Tour involves a lot of organisation to ensure that the four days over Ascension Day run as smoothly and memorably as possible for the participants. The preparations are already taking place in the background. Many hard-working helpers are involved who volunteer their free time to put this tour together. At this point we would like to highlight and introduce the organising team and the team of helpers who support the organising team during the four days and without whom the RennFietsen Tour would not exist.

The organising team

Joachim Wechner

Joachim Wechner Joachim Wechner

The RennFietsen Tour boss. His idea was the AGAPEDIA team and his idea was the RennFietsen Tour in 2009. Together with Münsterland e.V. he launched this project. With success, as the past years show.

My connection to cycling:

Over 30 years of road cycling - that's a long time. My father was already an enthusiastic racing cyclist. So the young Joachim already had his narrow-tyred racer at the age of 13. This enthusiasm has remained until today.

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

To help people who don't have it as good as we do, to pass on a piece of the huge cake that hangs on the tip of our wealth iceberg. That will forever be one of my life's mottos. The RennFietsen Tour is a big step in this direction. The dynamism of the organising team, the volunteers, the sponsors and last but not least the participants speaks volumes. That's why I'm on board.

Annika Wechner

Annika Wechner Annika Wechner

The secretary in the organisation team. Without Annika, some things would probably not have been communicated so well. Always on the spot and versatile.

My connection to cycling:

As a native of Münster, I was born with a bicycle. Initially used exclusively as a means of transport, I acquired a taste for racing cycling in 2000, began to pursue cycling more and more intensively and soon entered competitive cycling.

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

As one of the founding members of Team AGAPEDIA Münsterland, I have been involved from the very beginning in collecting donations for the children's charity AGAPEDIA through various campaigns every year - since 2009, among other things, within the framework of the RennFietsen Tour and, in addition to AGAPEDIA, also for roterkeil.net. There is no reason for me not to be part of it anymore!

Jörg Verhöven

Jörg Verhöven Jörg Verhöven

My connection to cycling:

After handball and running, I have been cycling in the Münsterland region as a hobby cyclist for seven years. The first real tour was the first edition of the RennFietsen Tour in 2009. Since then I've been cycling every now and then in an Everyman race, a RTF.

Why am I on the RennFietsen Tour?

The last RennFietsen tours were so eventful, super organised, with brilliant routing, with so many nice people and also successful for the good cause AGAPEDIA and the Red Wedge that I am happy to help with the tour!

Arno Zubrägel

Arno Zubrägel Arno Zubrägel

Our navigator. The designer and chief of the stage planning. Arno doesn't miss any sights, Arno finds them all, the beautiful racing cycle paths of the Münsterland. And if that's not enough, he provides the entire organisation team with the daily route with his GPS tracks. This way, the entire peloton can find the route and the finish in no time. Last but not least, he also acts as group leader.

My connection to cycling:

My love for cycling began in 1980 with a cycling trip across the Alps to the Mediterranean. After further journeys I bought my first "real" racing bike only about 10 years later (unfortunately this bike is not yet suitable for L'Eroica). So cycling has slowly but surely developed into my favourite sport.

Why am I on the RennFietsen Tour?

That is quite banal. As an AGAPEDIA rider, I simply slipped into the preparation. I've been there from the beginning, the preparation in the team is fun and it's great to see how many participants there are who come back every year to support the children of the AGAPEDIA Foundation and the Red Wedge with their collected donations.

Michael Fehmer

Michael Fehmer Michael Fehmer

A living support vehicle, a mechanic for all cases, a one-man service team - that's Michael. Always on the spot when there is a problem with the bike, so he is our chief mechanic, and without a bike nothing works on the RennFietsen Tour! In addition to Arno, our Michael is also a stage scout, so many a detour goes to his account.

My connection to cycling:

Cycling and cycling technology crazy.

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

The AGAPEDIA idea, which I fell for years ago, and the certainty of helping other helpers during the tour.

Achim Hebel

Achim Hebel Achim Hebel

My connection to cycling:

After I stopped playing football, I tried cycling. This sport became more and more intense, up to marathon or everyman races, up to round trips. The RennFietsen Tour is one of them.

Why am I taking part in the RennFietsen Tour?

This tour serves a good cause, for the children in Ettlingen, which we already supported a few years ago in our Everyman Team. And then you also meet a lot of new nice people who are willing to support us. That's why I'm happy to take part in this event.

Christoph Schludecker

Christoph Schludecker Christoph Schludecker

Another "boss" of roterkeil.net. Co-responsible for many building blocks of the organisation. Christoph will actively support our group leaders on the bike.

My relation to cycling: I ride - therefore I am.

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

As a representative of roterkeil.net, I would like to draw attention to the issue of child abuse and especially child prostitution and promote support for our projects.

Henri Verkampen

Henri Verkampen Henri Verkampen

Our second "senior" is responsible for chocolate by profession. So of course he is also responsible for the good mood in the whole troop. Thanks to his many years of experience, Henri supports our guides, our logistics, and our escort team in all matters.

My connection to cycling:

I have been cycling enthusiastically since 2000. Among others in the team AGAPEDIA-Münsterland.

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

Because children need strong partners!

Jens Thorsten Grüber

Jens Thorsten Grüber Jens Thorsten Grüber

My connection to cycling:

Through my sister and my brother-in-law; also already as a helper at the Tour Transalp to celebrate my sister's overall victory ;-)

Why am I participating in the RennFietsen Tour?

Because I already had a lot of fun helping the last times and I like to support the good cause of the event.

Jürgen Dapper

Jürgen Dapper Jürgen Dapper

Has belonged to the beginnings of the racing bike group "Pedals" and now " Red Wedge" since 2000. Has been able to win innogy as a sponsor. Knows his way around the western Münsterland quite well.

My connection to cycling:

When I wanted to switch my sporting activities from football and cross-country skiing to cycling in the nineties, I found it very difficult at first. But when a friend and I climbed Monte Baldo on Lake Garda during the Easter holidays, I was hooked. That was in 1996 and since then I have been a passionate racing cyclist.

Why am I on the RennFietsen Tour?

Because it is such a great experience to spend 4 days with like-minded people for a very important and good cause, helping children in need.

Carmen Gunia

Carmen Gunia Carmen Gunia

Increases the female quota of our escort team. The fairy godmother in the background. The big task - networking the tour with the outside world via the internet and Facebook. The RennFietsen Tour - LIVE again this year.

My connection to cycling:

A friend got me interested in cycling. However, I have not yet dared to ride a racing bike...

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

Because I think the idea of helping children in need with this beautiful tour is simply brilliant. And because it has been so much fun to take part in the last few years!

The helper team

Brigitte Winkelmann

Brigitte Winkelmann Brigitte Winkelmann

She is responsible for the honest and smooth catering for about 50 hungry cyclists during the breaks.

My connection to cycling:

My partner Henri infected me with cycling.

Why am I part of the RennFietsen Tour?

As a mother of two children, I know what children need and don't need! Helping and supporting children is a matter of course for me. That is why I am passionately involved in the Rennfietsentour every year.

Sandra Lordieck

Sandra Lordieck Sandra Lordieck

My connection to cycling:

I love cycling without sport and prefer to accompany my racing husband in the food truck
on the Rennfietsentour.

Why am I on the Rennfietsentour?

When I feed the men and women who cycle, I am happy to see the beaming faces of the hungry and thirsty tour participants, and with the money we raise we give children a bit of happiness that they can use in their lives.

Eduard Eckmann Eduard Eckmann
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