Cycle paths and junctions for cyclists in Münsterland
Junctions and cycle paths Münsterland
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Intersections and cycle paths

Intersections and cycle paths

With over 4500 kilometres of cycle routes, it can be quite difficult to keep track of the route. For easier planning and a better overview during the cycle tour, you can use the practical junction system . This allows you to easily plan individual tours and circular tours. Of course, the cycle routes will take you to the most beautiful sights in Münsterland and at the same time you will experience the beautiful landscape of this region. For a better understanding, you will find a detailed description and explanation of the signposts used on this page. We wish you a wonderful cycling tour in Münsterland!

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The signposts lead you to the most beautiful castles and palaces, through beautiful natural areas and to the most important places in Münsterland. The junction system was developed for better orientation on the cycle routes. With the help of the junction numbers, you can easily plan even extensive cycle tours. And to make sure you always stay on the right track, there are signposts along the entire 4500 kilometres of cycle routes.

Destination signposts for cycle paths
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This signpost is located at forks in the junction point system and provides a quick overview. Here you will find all the necessary information about the cycle route. At the top is the junction to your current location. The next accessible junctions are shown via pictograms. The destination sign shows you the long-distance and short-distance destinations with the respective distance information. A possible pictogram indicates that you are on a themed route. In this example, we are on a section of the 100 Castles Route, represented by the green castle symbol.

Intermediate signposts for cycle paths
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Intermediate signposts

To ensure that you never stray from the route, there are intermediate signposts at regular intervals. These show the way to the next cross reference point and thus ensure that you find the right way quickly and easily.

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