Projects of the Regional Cultural Policy Münsterland 2020
RKP - Regional Culture Programme NRW
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RKP Projects 2020

Below you will find an overview of this year's projects recommended by the Kulturrat Münsterland for the Regional Cultural Policy funding programme.

Due to the restrictions on the arts and culture sector caused by the Corona pandemic, the project formats and periods may vary.

AV-PICKNICK 2020 - The audiovisual concert series in Münsterland

AV-Picknick is somewhere between a concert and an audiovisual video art performance. The project takes place at unusual locations in Münsterland. The audience also has the opportunity to picnic.

Eddie van Halen - The Last Guitar God

The creative head of the band Van Halen turns 65! The rock'n'popmuseum Gronau is celebrating this birthday and the electric guitar itself with a special exhibition and workshops for advanced electric guitarists and all those who want to become one. In cooperation with the Landesmusikakademie in Heek-Nienborg, the music school in Gronau and MusikProduktiv.

Home:Time. Intercultural holiday camps and artistic events in Münsterland

The intercultural holiday workshops in three communities in the Münsterland region are intended to consolidate the previous work of the project group and create integrating offers for children and young people in the fields of music, theatre, literature and visual arts.

Behind the mountains, with the little dwarfs - children's theatre comes to the village

The Don Kidschote Theatre brings interactive children's theatre to the village and the farming community! Children aged three to ten learn together in dialogue: Before and after each performance they become active themselves and explore their own emotions and the big stage together with actors and actresses.

Don't Care/Don't Care. A lab, a mobile action and a festival on the art of care.

Who cares for whom locally and globally? With new literature and film formats, CARE labs, mobiles and a festival week on the topic of care, Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature brings art and social initiatives together. In cooperation with the Filmwerkstatt Münster, the WWU Münster, the Frauen*Kollektiv Münster, the Alexians, the KHM Köln, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, the Freilichtbühnen and the architectural office modulorbeat/TU Berlin.

Cultural Camp Münsterland (working title)

A conference with a difference: the Kulturcamp brings together artists, cultural institutions, cultural administration and cultural policy from the Münsterland region. With workshops, excursions, best practice examples and open spaces, the focus is on exchange, knowledge transfer and networking among cultural actors. Due to Corona, the culture camp has been postponed.

KunstOrt MünsterLand #VIELFALT (2020-2021)

KunstOrt Münsterland is the continuation of the project series by the KünstlerinnenForum MünsterLand e.V. (KFM), which already began in 2011 and 2016. Under the overarching theme of "Diversity", a total of four exhibitions by artists from the region will be shown in Münsterland. This year, artists from the Münsterland region can again apply for this and are invited to take part in inspirational events.

litfilms - Münster Literature Film Festival

In autumn 2020, litfilms - Literatur Film Festival Münster will take place for the first time. The hybrid programme of film and literature, festival and workshop, seeks out the spaces in between and invites authors and filmmakers to reside together in Münsterland for four months. The festival's international competition in turn offers a platform for films and texts from other cultures. A project of the Filmwerkstatt Münster and the Center for Literature in cooperation with Haus Nottbeck, Kloster Bentlage, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, TATWORT and the Literaturverein Münster.

MikroPhilharmonie EinKlang - a hands-on orchestra (2020-2021)

The professional ensemble MikroPhilharmonie EinKlang plays large orchestral works in special chamber versions for about 15 to 20 musicians, putting them acoustically under the microscope. For 2020/21, the MikroPhilharmonie has planned three programmes with six symphonic concerts and six school workshops throughout Münsterland.

Münsterland Festival (2020-2021)

The eleventh edition of the well-known series of events will bring around 40 events in one month from the fields of music, visual arts and dialogue to Münsterland in 2021. Planning is already in full swing this year!

Muslims in Germany - Diversity of Lifeworlds (2020-2021)

Musilime in Deutschland is a multi-module exhibition project. The travelling exhibition with numerous cooperation partners offers basic information on Islam and Christianity. By means of mediation offers, barriers are to be broken down, dialogue is to be invited and thus cohesion is to be strengthened.

After zero hour - enemies become partners

After Zero Hour collects and documents stories - not only from contemporary witnesses - about the end of World War II in the German-Dutch border region.

New stars for the Münsterland

In the New Stars for Münsterland project, the University of Music at the WWU wants to take young musicians to the region. The students will also gain practical experience at concerts and workshops ranging from classical to pop.

Nooit weer - Never again

The project Nooit weer/Never again is a cross-border art project for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. Thirty artists from the Netherlands and Germany each exhibit their works of art in public spaces.

Notes from the Province - Linguistic Images and Visual Language from Westphalia (2020-2021)

In Notes from the Province, international artists will process "found footage" from the region in installations and performances. The project is also a continuation of the project "Stories from the Fog" and would again like to cooperate closely with the local heritage associations in the region.

PhänomexX on stage goes Münsterland

Phänomexx - on stage takes place in cooperation with the respective PhänomexX student labs in Münsterland and is intended to bring together the fields of art and science. Due to Corona, the event will be postponed.

PIANEO - Festival for Neoclassicism (2019-2020)

At the second Pianeo Festival, international and regional artists from the modern style hybrid "neoclassical" will perform at eight "winter concerts" in Münsterland.

PRESERVED // Altland - Neuland

As part of PRESERVED, the artist duo Scheibel and Günzel are investigating the ways in which the landscape of Westphalia has changed as a result of climate change. The garden performance project will take place at three different locations. One focus will be on Senden Castle.

Psssst - Silent Search Psssst - Silent Search
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Psssst! - a cultural round dance about silence and stillness (2020-2021)

In times of loud commotion, the Archive of Nothingness provides silence in Münsterland: with collective gazes into the silence of the sky, soundless poems in sign language, lectures on noise barriers, public silent ma(h)ls at culinary tables, an app for places of silence, soundless forest walks, sound installations and dance theatre for children.

SALIGIA - The Seven Deadly Sins (2019-2020)

Saligia, the mobile exhibition of artistic positions on the seven deadly sins, is entering its second year. Another three exhibition venues will be visited this year. Even the journey itself through the region becomes a performance.

social palace MUSIC CONVOY

Art meets open youth work: sozialpalast MUSIK CONVOY 2020 enters its fifth round. Transcultural, diverse artists from the region give workshops in dance and song, addressing issues such as racism and specific types of marginalisation and exclusion. The programme is especially aimed at girls and young women.

summerwinds münsterland. Europe's Woodwind Festival (2019-2020)

The sixth edition of the festival awaits in late summer with around 40 concerts in nine weeks in Münsterland. Around 50 established and new partners are on board. Unfortunately, the festival will have to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic.

Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in Münsterland

The 13th edition again includes concerts with regional artists - especially up-and-coming musicians - followed by guided tours in the gardens and parks of Münsterland.

Forest and Meadows Concerts

The Bonsai Stage will also go on tour through Münsterland in 2020: whether choir, yoga or "flow-ra" - the 20 or so forest and meadow concerts are dedicated in particular to the topics of experiencing singing anew, sonorous mindfulness and nature and music.

Pasture Pictures - Art in the Ambivalence of Human-Animal Relations (2020-2021)

On the one hand, we care for our pets, on the other hand, our keeping of so-called farm animals leaves a lot to be desired. "The Good Life" - for animals too? At seven places of experience in Münsterland, artists and scientists reflect on the history of the human-animal relationship. Works of art are created that go on tour and promote discourse with citizens, especially schoolchildren, on the subject. A project of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster in cooperation with the ANTL Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Naturschutz Tecklenburger Land, the ITZ Institut für Theologische Zoologie, the NABU-Naturstation Münsterland and the VHS Kreis Lüdinghausen.

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