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RKP Projects 2019

Archaeological Park. An interdisciplinary triple feature

A cooperation project between Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, LWL-Archäologie für Westfalen and Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature. Archaeological excavations at the castle provide an opportunity to explore the themes of remembrance culture, cultural heritage and archaeology through theatre productions, installations and a symposium.

Stories from the mist

Continuation with new and old partners (especially local history societies) of the project started in 2018, in which historical silent film art with live soundtrack meets Münsterländer Spökenkiekereien.

Heimat:Ferien - Intercultural holiday workshops for children and young people from Münsterland

The intercultural holiday workshops in three communities in the Münsterland region are intended to consolidate the previous work of the project group and create integrating offers for children and young people in the fields of music, theatre, literature and visual arts.

Neuyes Bauhaus

Multi-part cultural programme in various disciplines to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus: exhibitions, concerts, dance and theatre performances, workshops and lectures at four locations in Münsterland.

PIANEO - Festival for Neoclassicism 2020

Second edition of the music festival with international artists from the modern style hybrid "neoclassical" performing at six concerts in Münsterland. The event period in winter 2020 was deliberately chosen.


The scholarship holders of "KunstKommunikation" of the DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst focus on kale as an identity-forming vegetable for Westphalia. A self-created kale field in Hörstel will become a venue for dialogue and art around the vegetable with cooking events, performances etc. In addition, artistic events will take place at other locations.

RESET*Landpartie 2019 - A cultural and nature experience on eight mixed-arts tours in Münsterland

The programme of the eight nature and cultural tours mixes music, readings, theatre, exhibitions and cabaret. Nature and established cultural sites in Münsterland are discovered by bus, bicycle or on foot and performed by regional and international artists.


Mobile exhibition of artistic positions on the seven deadly sins on car trailers, which will be on display at the locations of the seven cooperation partners and whose journey through the region itself will become a performance.

Münsterland Season 2019

5 theatres from the Münsterland region are once again taking part in this decentralised theatre project for children aged between 3 and 9.


Cooperative and interdisciplinary sound art festival (exhibitions, performances, concerts and workshops) in Münsterland. Next year, three anniversaries (Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, rock`n`popmuseum Gronau and LMA NRW) will also be taken into account.

STEPPKE - Theatre days for children aged 2 and over

International theatre days for children from the age of 2, for music, dance, drama, visual arts and performance.
In addition to guest performances, own productions are also planned. An extensive supporting programme with expert discussions and workshops round off the theatre days.

Starlights over the Münsterland

In this cultural project - at the interface with other disciplines such as philosophy - the "beauty and aesthetics of the sky" are to be explored with the help of various event formats. The basic building blocks are a mobile sky laboratory and a stationary observatory.

summerwinds münsterland. Europe's Woodwind Festival

6th edition of the festival with about 40 concerts, about 50 partners (new and established) over a period of about 9 weeks in late summer 2020.

Dance!Country! 2019

Continuation of the regional dance festival in Ahlen, Dülmen and Emsdetten, consisting of workshop days for amateur dancers, educators' workshops and two guest performances. The network established in 2017 is to be further expanded.

TanzPoeten on the road

Modular, interdisciplinary project that develops and performs choreography and original music with the target group, building on a writing workshop with spoken word artist Dean Ruddock.

Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in Münsterland 2019

The twelfth edition will again include 11 to 13 concerts with regional artists - especially up-and-coming musicians - followed by guided tours in the gardens and parks of Münsterland.

Four seasons ...from waking to going to bed (working title)

Development and performance of a play for 2 to 4 year olds. The performance venue is Theater in der Meerwiese (Münster). This is a mobile production. Regional partner network enables workshops and performances also outside Münster. Among other things, information events for educators.

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