Projects of the Regional Cultural Policy Münsterland 2021
RKP - Regional Culture Programme NRW
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

RKP projects 2021

Numerous artists and cultural practitioners from the region also applied for funding in 2021 through the NRW Regional Cultural Policy programme with exciting concepts from the visual arts, film, literature, music, socio-culture and theatre. The Münsterland Cultural Council met in autumn 2020 and recommended 20 project applications for funding. Below you will find an overview of the selected art and culture projects that were implemented in Münsterland in 2021 as part of the NRW Regional Cultural Policy programme.

Due to the restrictions on the arts and culture sector caused by the Corona pandemic, the project formats and periods may vary.

Hülshoff Castle Hülshoff Castle
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Foelting
Miss Nice on the Road

Literature on horseback: In this multi-part event organised by the Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature, author Karen Duve joins various artists on a trail ride through Münsterland and East Westphalia-Lippe. Based on Duve's successful novel "Fräulein Nettes kurzer Sommer" (Miss Nice's Short Summer), the parforceride is dedicated to a "youthful sin" by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff on the original travel route of the fateful summer. Digital formats bring the "performative parforceride", realised with versatile regional cooperation partners, to the viewers' homes and exhibition spaces.

House Kummerveldt House Kummerveldt
© Münsterland e.V.
Haus Kummerveldt season 2 - a web series from Münsterland

The historical web series Haus Kummerveldt, awarded the German Film Academy's Young Talent Award, is entering its second season. The focus is once again on the noblewoman Luise, who continues to try her hand as a writer and defies the patriarchal structures of the 19th century. The web series will be shown at cinema and open-air screenings throughout Münsterland and at national and international film and web festivals.

Home.window Home.window
© Nassim Khalel
Heimat:Fenster - an intercultural inner city project

Empty shops, empty shop windows, deserted city centres. The artists of the Heimat X initiative want to change this: they conduct interviews with the former shop owners, explore the stories of the shops, sift through photos and collect personal anecdotes from the local clientele. Innovative storytelling, Arabic script art and migrant life experiences flow together in the resulting shop window exhibitions.

Home Dream Journeys Home Dream Journeys
© Heimat-Traumreisen Stefan Demming
Home Dream Journeys

Private photos and videos from past journeys arouse wanderlust and homesickness. In four workshops on the collection of private material and stories, the artist Stefan Demming takes this up. The focus is on sharing and reflecting on travel before and after Corona, as well as travel in times of climate emergency. A collage of interviews, sounds and images in a kind of multimedia concert or multimedia installation brings the workshop results to life.

Exhibition view of artists' books in Bentlage Monastery Exhibition view of artists' books in Bentlage Monastery
© Jan-Christoph Tonigs / Kloster Bentlage
judge a book by its cover

Between print and digital, between word and image. Kloster Bentlage is exploring the further development of the artist's book with Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature, Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck and the LWL Literature Commission. In a three-part workshop phase, they work on literature and/or object and net art. The resulting books can then be seen in travelling exhibitions and events at the project partners and in various literary institutions.

KING'S MEN Macbeth KING'S MEN Macbeth
© Kloster Bentlage

From August, the four-language open-air production HAMLET will be touring through Münsterland and the border region of the EUREGIO. The KING'S MEN perform in cooperation with the youth theatre school Theatermakerij from Enschede and the youth art school in Rheine. The quartet of actors switches fluently between German, English, Dutch and Twents (the dialect of the Twente region), so that the audience can follow the spectacle effortlessly even without subtitles.

The Berkel Premiere 2017 The Berkel Premiere 2017
© Anna Schlottbohm 2017
Cinema in the country

Little by little, the magnificent cinemas of the 1950s have disappeared from rural regions. The Filmwerkstatt Münster wants to change this and tour with screen, projectors and films in its luggage to rekindle the cinema experience in the countryside. In close cooperation with the Münster Film Festival in autumn 2021, the project will bring films and the minds behind them to Münsterland. A unique opportunity to experience cinema in new places and to talk to filmmakers!

Stever Stever
© Markus Kleymann
KulTour on the SteverLandRoute

The cultural cycle tour is a cooperation project of six municipalities and presents the cultural diversity of the region around the central theme of water. Along the Stever, participants experience music, poetry, drama, magic and light and sound installations on islands, boats or directly on the banks.

Meeting of the Münsterland Cultural Council Meeting of the Münsterland Cultural Council
© Münsterland e.V./Maren Kuiter
Cultural Camp Münsterland 2021

A conference with a difference: the Kulturcamp brings together artists, cultural institutions, cultural administration and cultural policy from the Münsterland region. With workshops, excursions, best practice examples and open spaces, the focus is on exchange, knowledge transfer and networking among cultural actors. The event, similar in structure to a bar camp, is expected to take place in Emsdetten in summer 2021.

Krameramtshaus Exhibition Krameramtshaus Exhibition
© Andreas Lechtape
KunstOrt MünsterLand #VIELFALT (2020-2021)

KunstOrt Münsterland is the continuation of the project series of the KünstlerinnenForum MünsterLand e.V., which already began in 2011 and 2016. Under the overall theme of "Diversity", a total of four exhibitions by artists from the region will be shown in Münsterland. This year, artists from the Münsterland region can again apply for this and are invited to take part in inspirational events.

MicroHarmony EinKlang MicroHarmony EinKlang
© Gerd Radeke
MikroPhilharmonie EinKlang - a hands-on orchestra (2020-2021)

The professional ensemble MikroPhilharmonie EinKlang plays large orchestral works in special chamber versions for about 15 to 20 musicians, putting them acoustically under the microscope. For 2020/21, the MikroPhilharmonie has planned three programmes with six symphonic concerts and six school workshops throughout Münsterland.

Regional Cultural Policy NRW Regional Cultural Policy NRW
© Regionale Kulturpolitik NRW
Muslims in Germany - Diversity of Lifeworlds (2020-2021)

Musilime in Deutschland is a multi-module exhibition project of RELíGIO - Westphalian Museum for Religious Culture. The travelling exhibition with numerous cooperation partners offers basic information on Islam and Christianity. By means of mediation offers, barriers are to be broken down, dialogue invited and thus cohesion strengthened.

Neighbourhood Concerts Neighbourhood Concerts
© Wald- und Wiesen-Konzerte / Sebastian Netta
Neighbourhood Concerts

After the Forest and Meadow Concerts, the mobile Bonsai Stage now offers a venue for neighbourhood concerts in villages and farming communities in Münsterland. After the 20 or so concerts by and with musicians from all over Germany, there will be space for discussions to encourage more local cultural engagement. Readings, choir projects and the "plant orchestration" of the Flow-Ra project are planned.

Project poster - detail Project poster - detail
© Collage / Stadtarchiv Gronau, rock'n'popmuseum Gronau
Light Music and Jewish Culture in the Western Münsterland 1920-1945

The workshop will focus on the question of how light music by Jewish artists was perceived in the western Münsterland and how the political and cultural shifts between 1920 and 1945 can be found in this music and the biographies. Interested people of all ages from Gronau, Enschede and the Münsterland are cordially invited to participate. The rock'n'popmuseum Gronau, in cooperation with the University of Münster and other institutions, would like to raise awareness of Jewish cultural life in Germany.

New stars New stars
© Kloster Bentlage
New stars for the Münsterland

The Münster University of Music offers workshops, concerts and communicative formats with first-class students again this year. The artistic breadth ranges from new music (New York School) to percussion ensemble (world music), cello quartet (classical and folk) and pop. Planned by student initiatives, the events take place not only at cultural venues but also in senior residences and schools.

Regional Cultural Policy NRW Regional Cultural Policy NRW
© Regionale Kulturpolitik NRW
Notes from the Province - Language Images and Visual Language from Westphalia (2020-2021)

International artists process "found footage" from the region in installations and performances. The project is also a continuation of "Stories from the Fog" and again cooperates closely with the local heritage associations in the region.

PIANEO Marina Baranova at the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate PIANEO Marina Baranova at the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate
© Markus Poguntke-Rauer
PIANEO - Festival for Neoclassicism 2022

In more than eight (double) concerts with (inter)national greats of neo-classical music, the stylistic boundaries of pop, classical, jazz and electronic music will be broken down. The audience of the biennial festival in Münsterland can also look forward to two new highlights in February 2022: PIANEO is planning a club concert and an open-air offshoot for the first time.

Psssst - Silent Search Psssst - Silent Search
© Ralf Emmerich – Rechte: Stephan USVG Bild-Kunst 2020
Psssst! - a cultural round dance about silence and stillness (2020-2021)

In times of loud commotion, the Archive of Nothingness provides silence in Münsterland: with collective gazes into the silence of the sky, soundless poems in sign language, lectures on noise barriers, public silent ma(h)ls at culinary tables, an app for places of silence, soundless forest walks, sound installations and dance theatre for children.

© Erwin Stache

The cross-disciplinary sound festival brings three solo exhibitions by international artists to the region. In addition, concerts, performances, live formats and installations await the Soundseeing audience at ten venues. The programme ranges from workshops for children, young people and adults to discussions and guided tours to projects with students from the Münster University of Music.

Summerwinds Royal Wind Music Summerwinds Royal Wind Music
© Marco Borggreve
Summerwinds Münsterland 2022. Europe's Woodwind Festival

Europe's woodwind festival summerwinds tours the Münsterland for the sixth time in 2022! From June to September, the audience can expect around 50 concerts of classical, crossover and world music. Musicians, young prize-winners and stars of the scene will make guest appearances. While the woodwinds are the focus of the international festival, there are small specials such as an exhibition of recorder makers and publishers, a masterclass oboe and much more.

Theatre of the Blue Islands Theatre of the Blue Islands
© Theater der blauen Inseln / Don Kidschote
Theatre of the Blue Islands - Children's Theatre in Corona Times

The Theatre of the Blue Islands ensures the participation and continuation of cultural education for children and families in the current difficult Corona times. The performances offered by the Don Kidschote Theatre, the Hille Puppille puppet theatre and the Krokoditheater are aimed at all primary schools, special schools (primary level), day-care centres, initiatives and leisure centres in the entire Münsterland region. Adapted to the respective restrictions in force, several performances are also possible, each with a few children on site indoors and outdoors.

Theatre Titanick: TRIP OVER Theatre Titanick: TRIP OVER
© Ralf Emmerich
Theatre Titanick - worldwide and yet very close

Theatre Titanick offers a year-round programme: culture fans aged 12 and over can take part in interactive workshops as well as performative presentations and are offered insights backstage. The ensemble also performs the latest open-air production TRIP OVER and reflects on and discusses the play with the audience afterwards.

Trumpet tree and violin fig Trumpet tree and violin fig
© Maren Kuiter
Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in Münsterland 2021

From the region for the region. From mid-June, starting with the Day of Gardens and Parks, until mid-September, numerous concerts take place in gardens and parks in Münsterland as well as in the Achterhoek and the Twente region. The focus is mainly on jazz, but also on classical music and rock/pop with musicians from the region.

© Mario Soose

The dancers of the MNEME kollektiv offer an interactive dance theatre programme for children from the age of seven from March to December. The focus is on superheroes and heroines who have lost their superpowers and now have to look for new talents. After a 45-minute performance, the children explore their own strengths and superpowers in the workshop.

Heck cattle in the Ems floodplain Heck cattle in the Ems floodplain
© Elke Seppmann
Pasture pictures (2020-2021)

Weidebilder is a transdisciplinary project in which artists and scientists work together in an exchange to investigate animal-human relationships. The focus is on landscapes of the Münsterland region, in which the change and ambivalence in dealing with animals become clear. A look at the past and present raises the question of how to shape the future. A project of the WWU Münster in cooperation with the Working Group for Nature Conservation Tecklenburger Land, the Institute for Theological Zoology, the NABU Nature Station Münsterland and the VHS Kreis Lüdinghausen.

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