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Innovations in the Münsterland
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Engineering Pro - Modern engineering services

Modern engineering services are a driver of innovation in the Münsterland. A key role in innovation technologies is played in particular by production and manufacturing technologies, measurement, radar and radio technologies, and digital production technologies. Münsterland trains excellent engineers and develops innovative design mechanisms.

Environment analysis: The companies that were assigned to the innovation competence field Engineering Pro as part of the "Environment Analysis Enabling Innovation" are about 2 percent more innovative than the average participants in the survey (measured by the Münsterland Innovation Index). They represent about 21 percent more developed business models, 28 percent more publications and 8 percent more academics than the average.

Fields of action (Münsterland): Plant optimisation, robotics, inspection and testing, bionics

Key players: Münster University of Applied Sciences Mechanical Engineering, Westphalian Institute for Bionics, Mechatronics Institute Bocholt, Automation and Robotics Centre in the District of Borken, mü, ZIM Network "Bionic Lightweight Construction for SMEs".

Think tank "The road to networked production

Innovations make a region fit for the future - and often arise precisely where many bright minds from different fields come together. This is precisely the aim of the regional think tanks that will be set up in spring 2020 as part of the Enabling Networks Münsterland project led by Münsterland e.V..

The think tank "The road to networked production" is concerned with the question of how machines can be made fit for the future. On the subject: It always sounds so nice - "data is the new gold". It just needs to be collected. But how can this data be collected if the existing machinery has not yet been written off and produces excellent results, but the sensor technology is not yet fully developed? Small and medium-sized companies in particular cannot always invest directly on a large scale in order to benefit from the added values of digitalisation. They need flexible solutions for the existing technological equipment - retrofit, in other words.

In this think tank, the members develop approaches and solutions to support regional companies with these issues. More...

The path to networked production

Would you like to find out more about technologies in the field of networked production? Then take a look at the future analysis of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, which was carried out in cooperation with the Münsterland Denkfabriken. Browse through the selected technology trends directly here or download the entire report.

Further fields of innovation competence

More about the Enabling Networks Münsterland project