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Materials & Surfaces - Materials and Surfaces

Technologies that can be clearly assigned to this field of competence are primarily nano- and microtechnologies as well as technologies for the production and processing of new materials and other surface technologies. The special regional significance of the topic is also shown by the existing networking structures.

Environmental analysis: The companies that were assigned to the innovation competence field Materials and Surfaces in the "Enabling Innovation" environment analysis are approx. 8 percent more innovative than the average participants in the survey (measured by the Münsterland Innovation Index). They are approx. 38.9 percent faster than the average in terms of time to market, represent an approx. 36 percent higher use of technicians and master craftsmen than the average and are organised in networks by approx. 50 percent more.


Fields of action (Münsterland): Technical textiles, innovative analytical processes, lacquer and surface coating


Important players: Netzwerk Oberfläche NRW e.V., Department of Physics at the University of Münster, Institute for Construction and Functional Materials at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Department of Physical Engineering at Münster University of Applied Sciences


Think tank "Environmentally Neutral Materials of the Future

Innovations make a region fit for the future - and often arise precisely where many bright minds from different fields come together. This is precisely the goal of the regional think tanks that will be created in spring 2020 within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project led by Münsterland e.V..

One of them is the think tank "Environmentally neutral materials of the future". On the subject: Plastics are, not entirely unjustifiably, increasingly getting a reputation for being harmful to the environment and health. Nevertheless, they are among the most versatile and practical materials we have at our disposal. But how do we manage to design a sustainable and environmentally neutral way of dealing with these all-rounders? To this end, ideas are being developed in the think tank to provide Münsterland with new impulses for innovation.

Packaging responsibility, bioplastics, bioeconomy, circular economy, re-, down- and upcycling are among the buzzwords in this discourse. Can Münsterland, with its numerous research competences and experienced companies, make a special contribution in these or other related fields? The members of this think tank are coming together to explore these forward-looking considerations.

Environmentally friendly materials of the future

Would you like to find out about technologies in the field of environmentally friendly materials? Then take a look at the future analysis of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, which was carried out in cooperation with the Münsterland Denkfabriken. Browse through the selected technology trends directly here or download the entire report.

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