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Innovations in the Münsterland
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Sustainable Eco - Sustainability

Sustainability plays a special role in Münsterland, also as a driver of innovation. The medium-sized, often family-run company structure is a significant factor here. Business models and innovations are designed to be successful in the long term and to protect the environment. Renewable energies also play a special role in Münsterland. On the science side, a whole series of institutes are concerned with the three sustainability dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues.

Environment analysis: The companies that were assigned to the innovation competence field Sustainable Eco in the context of the "Environment Analysis Enabling Innovation" are about 29 percent more innovative than the average participants in the survey (measured by the Münsterland Innovation Index). They have developed about 38 percent more innovations than the average, have about 85 percent more technicians and master craftsmen and are about 58 percent more organised in networks.

Fields of action (Münsterland): Renewable Energies, Global Family Business, Sustainable Food, Efficient Energy Storage Systems Corporate Social Responsibility

Key players: Energieland2050, Institute for Sustainable Food and Nutrition (iSuN), Department of Energy Building Environment at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Centre for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research at the Westphalian Wilhelms University Münster, Future e.V., WindWest Network

Think tank "On the way to the circular economy

Innovations make a region fit for the future - and often arise precisely where many bright minds from different fields come together. This is precisely the goal of the regional think tanks that will be created in spring 2020 within the Enabling Networks Münsterland project led by Münsterland e.V..

In this context, the think tank "On the way to a circular economy" deals with the question of how resource potentials can be used efficiently. On the topic:

The circular economy is the solution to the global waste problem as well as increasing resource consumption and curbs greenhouse gas emissions. A comprehensive circular value creation of products, as is now increasingly demanded by politics, but also by society, requires a rethink and innovative approaches to solutions. In addition to technical changes, the necessary commercial and administrative framework conditions must also be created at the various levels. The Münsterland has many competences in this area. Now is the time to network them and develop strategies for the future.

The region can become a pioneer and showcase region here as well - with clever entrepreneurial solutions, with top scientific achievements or with prestigious large-scale projects. Huge sums of funding are already available at European and national level to support promising approaches. More...

On the way to a circular economy

Would you like to find out more about technologies in the field of the circular economy? Then take a look at the future analysis of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, which was carried out in cooperation with the Münsterland Denkfabriken. Browse through the selected technology trends directly here or download the entire report.

Further fields of innovation competence

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