This awning not only protects against the sun and wind and weather, but can also be illuminated.
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Innovation Story
pergola stretch

Excellent awning for all-round weather protection

markilux GmbH + Co. KG

This awning not only protects against the sun, but also against wind and weather, and does so over an area of up to 49 square metres. The product was developed by a company from Emsdetten, which has already won several prizes as a result.

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markilux GmbH + Co. KG, Emsdetten

For almost 50 years, markilux GmbH + Co. KG has been developing and producing sun protection systems, awnings and textile products for patios. With a high demand on design and technology, the products are completely manufactured in-house at the location in Emsdetten. Made to measure - and according to the customer's wishes.

Challenge: The optimal shading

Eating, drinking and celebrating outdoors in the fresh air - that's what more and more guests of restaurants and hotels want, not only in spring and summer, but also on cooler days when the weather is nice. Even at home, the terrace is increasingly becoming a second living room. The important thing here is to provide optimal protection from the sun and rain. But not all awnings offer this. Sometimes they are too small or too short, sometimes not waterproof enough or not wind-resistant enough. In addition, the shading area of awnings with a cassette cannot be extended indefinitely, as the fabric would otherwise no longer fit into the cassette. Markilux has succeeded in increasing the shading area from just one system to up to seven by seven metres, while at the same time protecting it from wind and weather.

Markilux has developed a folding awning in which the fabric is guided in the rails like folds and can be parked under a protective roof. With the awning called "pergola stretch", a total of up to 49 square metres can be shaded. With several panels connected together, the awning can even be coupled to a total size of 25 by seven metres. The special feature of the development is the innovative gear drive. Each panel has its own motor, operated by radio technology. The gear transmission optimally transfers the transport force to the awning fabric.

The fabric itself is made of waterproof and flame-retardant fabric and can be retracted and extended like a canopy. When unfolded, the awning is parked under a canopy that protects it from rain and dirt. The awning is also equipped with a rain gutter: When it rains, the water is directed to the ground through a front profile. And for dark and cold days, there is the option of attaching light systems or heat radiators to the awning.

Success: Expectations already exceeded in the launch year

Thanks to the "pergola stretch" awning, it is possible to reliably shade large areas in hotels, the catering industry or private homes and protect them from wind and weather. The awning owners can thus react quickly and flexibly to weather conditions. The "pergola stretch" has been very well received on the market and has already exceeded markilux's expectations in terms of sales figures in its launch year. Many reference projects have already been implemented in both the commercial and private sectors.

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