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Welcome to Havixbeck!

The approximately 12,000 inhabitants of Havixbeck enjoy THE GOOD LIFE in the countryside in the immediate vicinity of Münster. The municipality consists of the core town, a village and ten farming communities.

In the country - and yet almost in Münster

Havixbeck lies to the west of Münster and borders on its districts of Roxel and Nienberge; the city centre is about 25 minutes away by car. You can reach Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO) almost as quickly, and the district town of Coesfeld is only half an hour away by car. Dortmund or the Dutch city of Enschede are about an hour's drive away.

Another plus for commuters: from Havixbeck station you can also take the train to Münster and Coesfeld. You want to travel to another destination but don't have your own car? Then rent one from the car-sharing provider Stadtteilauto. Three vehicles are available for rent in the car park of the city administration.

Tip: Münsterland is a cycling region! 4,500 kilometres of cycle paths offer you almost unlimited possibilities in the city and in the countryside: you can commute to work comfortably by bike and go on great tours with friends and family.

Living in Havixbeck

Most of the 12,000 inhabitants of Havixbeck live in the town centre, but the municipality also includes the rural village of Hohenholte and ten small farming communities. Around the town centre, with its shopping facilities and museums, there are extensive housing estates. Adjacent to these are three industrial estates, which are mainly home to medium-sized companies.

Even if rental and purchase prices follow the general real estate trend overall, there are still numerous niches to be discovered in Münsterland when building, buying or renting. In the rural area of Münsterland, the average rental price per square metre is between five and seven euros, and the average purchase price per square metre for flats and houses is 2100 euros.

You can see the current rent index on the website of the municipality of Havixbeck.

If you want to realise your dream of owning your own home, you have a good chance in the Masbeck building area, which is currently under development.

Did you know ...?!

In the south of the town centre lies the magnificent moated castle "Haus Havixbeck". It is still inhabited by the owner family, but you can walk through the castle park and admire the buildings from the outside. The moated castle "Haus Stapel" to the north is also privately owned. On the other hand, you can visit the beautiful Hülshoff Castle, which is located in the Schonebeck district at the easternmost edge of the municipality. The famous poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff grew up here.

Shopping in Havixbeck

In Havixbeck you are well provided for in everyday life: You can shop in several supermarkets and twice a week at the market . In the pedestrian zone in the city centre you can browse through clothes shops, a fabric shop, a bookshop and an equestrian shop. Of course, you can also get everything you need for your bike or e-bike tour in the bike shops.
A different kind of shopping? The Designer Outlet Ochtrup is only 40 minutes away by car.

Childcare in Havixbeck

Around eleven kindergartens and day-care centres in Havixbeck take care of the youngest residents. Here you can find the contact details of all the facilities. In addition, the family office of the municipality also arranges childminders.

Schools in Havixbeck

The educational opportunities in Havixbeck offer pupils all school-leaving qualifications up to the Abitur: there is a primary school and a comprehensive school as well as the Münsterlandschule Tilbeck, a primary and comprehensive school based on Montessori education.
Your children can attend secondary schools and grammar schools in the surrounding towns, for example in Nottuln and Münster.

Our tips: Leisure, sport and culture in Havixbeck

  • Cycling tour on the 100 Castles Route or on the Sandstone Route
  • Hike through the Baumberge
  • Walk around Hülshoff Castle
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Football, handball, tennis and much more in the sports clubs
  • Several riding clubs and facilities
  • St. Nicholas market with cabaret and music events
  • Town festivals, Havixbeck Spring Festival and Havixbeck September
  • City trip to Münster or Enschede
  • Trip to the Designer Outlet Ochtrup
  • and much more.

Curious? Your free time in Havixbeck

Hülshoff Castle is the landmark of Havixbeck Hülshoff Castle is the landmark of Havixbeck
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Leisure in Havixbeck
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