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Strong music and gentle landscapes

Welcome to Heek!

In Heek, THE GOOD LIFE in the countryside comes together with many leisure opportunities and extraordinary cultural events. The 8600 inhabitants of the municipality live in the districts of Heek and Nienborg.

Between Münster and Enschede

The municipality of Heek is located near Ahaus, Gronau and Ochtrup in the district of Borken in the western Münsterland. You don't have far to go from here to the Netherlands: the popular shopping city of Enschede, for example, can be reached by car in half an hour. You can reach the district town of Borken just as quickly, and Münster and Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO) are about 45 minutes away. Osnabrück is just under an hour's drive away.

The nearby A31 motorway provides a direct link to the North Sea coast and you can reach the sea in just two hours.

Tip: The Münsterland is a cycling region! 4,500 kilometres of cycle paths offer you almost unlimited possibilities in the city and in the countryside: you can commute to work comfortably by bike and go on great tours with friends and family.

Living in Heek

The municipality consists of the two districts of Heek and Nienborg, which used to be independent villages. They are only five minutes away from each other by car and the Dinkel River flows between them through the Münsterland park landscape. About 5500 of the 8600 inhabitants live in Heek, 3100 in Nienborg. Both districts include several rural farming communities.

Even if rental and purchase prices follow the general real estate trend, there are still numerous niches to be discovered in Münsterland for building, buying or renting. In the rural areas of Münsterland, the average rental price per square metre is between five and seven euros, and the average purchase price for flats and houses per square metre is 2100 euros.

The municipality has compiled all the information on building, buying and living in Heek on its website.

In addition, you can see information about the development of turnover and prices on the property market in the district of Borken in the property market report .

Did you know ...?!

In addition to the general schools, Heek is also home to a very special educational institution: the Landesmusikakademie NRW is now housed in part of the former Nienborg Castle, the "Langes Haus", as well as in other buildings in the municipality. (Young) musicians from all over the country come to practise, rehearse and hold conferences in the small Westphalian town and also give top-class concerts time and again.

Shopping in Heek

You can buy groceries and everything for everyday life in Heek and Nienborg at various supermarkets, and on Fridays at the weekly market in Heek. There are also some small specialist shops on the main streets in the districts: in Heek, for example, you can browse in a shoe shop, a fashion shop and a long-established wine shop, in Nienborg there is a shop for wedding and evening dresses. Indispensable in Münsterland: of course you can get everything for your bike or e-bike in specialist bike shops.

Tip for bargain hunters: The Designer Outlet Ochtrup is only 15 minutes away by car.

Childcare and schools in Heek

A total of seven kindergartens, day care centres and family centres take care of the smallest inhabitants. Five of the facilities are in Heek, two in Nienborg. Other childcare options are offered by day care centres.

Education in Heek covers the lower secondary level: There is a primary school in each of the two districts of Heek and Nienborg. Older pupils can attend secondary school up to the 10th grade. Secondary schools and grammar schools are located in the neighbouring towns of Ahaus and Gronau and are easy to reach by bus.

Working in Heek

The industrial and commercial areas in Heek and Nienborg are mainly home to small and medium-sized businesses that work in many different sectors: In addition to plastics manufacturers, logistics providers, metal and mechanical engineering companies, craft businesses and service providers are also located here. The largest employer in the municipality is the company 2G Energy, which manufactures combined heat and power units.

Our tips: Leisure, sport and culture in Heek

  • Cycling tour on the 100 Castles Route
  • Riding club
  • Football, yoga, martial arts and much more at the sports club
  • Trip to the golf course in Ahaus
  • Balloon flight
  • Cinemas in neighbouring Ahaus
  • Concerts at the Landesmusikakademie
  • Winter funfair with traditional "Schlöffken" festival (January)
  • Funfair in summer
  • Oktoberfest with parade
  • City trip to Münster or Enschede
  • Trip to the Designer Outlet Ochtrup
  • Trip to the rock'n'pop museum in Gronau
  • and much more

Curious? Your free time in Heek

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