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Idyll between castle and river

Welcome to Lippetal!

In the municipality of Lippetal you have THE GOOD LIFE on the southern edge of the Münsterland. The 12,000 inhabitants enjoy many leisure opportunities in nature and good connections to exciting excursion destinations and the surrounding towns.

Between Münsterland and Soester Börde

Lippetal is located between Hamm, Beckum, Lippstadt and Soest, on the border between Münsterland and Soester Börde. Those who commute to work benefit from good transport connections in all directions: Münster is only an hour away by car, Dortmund is 50 minutes away and Bielefeld 45 minutes.

Several airports are close to the municipality: Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO), for example, is a good hour's drive away, Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport about 35 minutes.

Tip: Münsterland is a cycling region! 4,500 kilometres of cycle paths offer you almost unlimited possibilities in the city and in the countryside: you can commute to work comfortably by bike and go on great tours with friends and family.

Living in Lippetal

The municipality of Lippe Valley consists of eleven villages, which were independent municipalities until they merged. The largest of them is Herzfeld, which lies in the east of the municipality. This is where 3300 of the total of 12,000 inhabitants live. To the south of Herzfeld is Hovestadt , where about 1200 people live. Lippborg, to the west, is the second largest district with just under 3000 inhabitants, and Oestinghausen, with just under 2000 inhabitants, lies on the southern edge of the municipal area. Surrounding these four villages are the seven smaller districts: Brockhausen (360 inhabitants), Heintrop-Büninghausen (350), Hultrop (470), Krewinkel-Wiltrop (130), Niederbauer (300), Nordwald (460) and Schoneberg (550).

Even though rental and purchase prices overall are following the general real estate trend, there are still numerous niches to be discovered in Münsterland for building, buying or renting. In the rural areas of Münsterland, the average rental price per square metre is between five and seven euros, and the average purchase price for flats and houses per square metre is 2100 euros.

Tip for families: If you want to build a house in Lippe Valley and have children, there are subsidies for municipal building plots.

Shopping in Lippetal

You can shop in the Lippetal districts of Oestinghausen, Herzfeld and Lippborg. Here you will find various supermarkets, drinks shops and large specialist markets such as garden centres. In the village centre of Herzfeld there are fashion, stationery and flower shops, in the centre of Lippborg you can browse in a shoe shop and a fashion outlet with well-known brands.

Childcare and schools in Lippetal

There are around eight kindergartens and day care centres in Lippe Valley. They are located in the districts of Herzfeld, Lippborg, Oestinghausen, Hovestadt, Hultrop and Brockhausen. Here you will also find information on day care and the addresses of childminders.

The three primary schools in Lippetal are located in the districts of Lippborg, Herzfeld and Oestinghausen. The comprehensive school in Lippetal-Herzfeld offers all qualifications up to the Abitur. Grammar schools, vocational colleges and special schools are located in the surrounding towns.

Top employer in Münsterland

Top employer in Münsterland Top employer in Münsterland
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Our tips: Leisure, sport and culture in Lippe Valley

  • Cycling tour on the 100 Castles Route or the Roman-Lippe Route
  • Canoe tour on the Lippe
  • Walk through the baroque garden at Hovestadt Castle
  • Horse riding on the Münsterland Riding Route
  • Lippetal Bikethon" cycling day (August)
  • Golf course in Lippetal-Lippborg
  • Swimming pool
  • Riding clubs
  • Sport in one of the many sports clubs
  • Funfair in summer
  • Trip to the Christmas market in Soest (20 minutes)
  • Trip to the Winterberg ski area (just over an hour)
  • City trip to Münster
  • and much more.

Curious? Your free time in Lippetal

Lippetal Lippetal
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Leisure in Lippetal
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