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Half-timbering in Ennigerloh
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With its historic town centre, the "Drubbelstadt" Ennigerloh has a long history - the town was first mentioned in a document as early as 860. Even today, Ennigerloh is very popular with its visitors.

Those seeking recreation are very welcome in Ennigerloh

Ennigerloh is situated in the parkland of south-eastern Münsterland, in the Münster-Hamm-Bielefeld city triangle. It is worth exploring the vast landscape around the merged villages of Ennigerloh, Enniger, Ostenfelde and Westkirchen. Not only those seeking recreation will enjoy it, but also horseback riding fans, golfers and other sports enthusiasts will find their opportunities here.

Haus Vornholz on the 100 Castles Route

The wide fields and meadows are interrupted by small forests, affectionately called "Busch" by the locals. While in the southern part of Ostenfelde and the farming community of Hoest the gentle hills of the Beckum mountains rise to a height of almost 100 m, the northern part of the town lies in the flat, sandy Ems floodplain. The outstanding sight is the Vornholz House, which is also a station on the 100 Castles Route cycle path.

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