Cycling in Isselburg. Info on cycle paths and cycle tours in Isselburg
Isselburg in the Münsterland
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Cycling in Isselburg

Isselburg offers some unusual destinations for cyclists in the Münsterland. Perfect for getting in the right mood is a bike ride to Bocholt with its beautiful city centre and the LWL Textile Museum. A ride to the picturesque Schloss Raesfeld is a bit longer - but definitely worth it. However, few visitors know that you can also easily reach the Rhine by bicycle. The Rhine promenade of Rees is particularly inviting, from where you have a magnificent view over the great river.

While the Rhine can only be crossed via bridges or by ferry, theborder crossing into the nearby Netherlands is barely noticeable. Only when you reach the first towns do you notice the changed street scene. A particularly beautiful destination is the town of Doetinchem.

Isselburg in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Isselburg can also be reached via the practical junction system. With the junction system, you can easily put together your favourite route with a few numbers.

  • The town centre of Isselburg is located at junction 62.
  • The district of Isselburg-Anholt is at junction 44.
  • Anholt moated castle is at junction 43.
  • The Anholter Schweit wildlife park is at junction 19.

Themed routes in Isselburg

Cycling tour in the Münsterland around Anholt. Cycling tour in the Münsterland around Anholt.
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