Münster Cycle Tour - Into the Green Around Münster
Cycling in Münster
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Cycling tour
Into the countryside around Münster

Into the countryside around Münster

Experience the city and countryside on a bike tour around Münster. Get on your "Leeze" and start your tour at the Allwetterzoo in Münster. Urban flair and beautiful greenery await you.

Out of the city and into the countryside

The cycle path runs along the southern shore of Lake Aasee towards the city centre and then turns onto the "Promenade" - Münster's old town ring road for cyclists. At the Museum für Lackkunst, the path branches off into the modern harbour area. Still in the city area, you reach the Dortmund-Ems Canal. The cycle path continues to the Pleistermühle. The picturesque location on the Werse makes the Pleistermühle a popular destination. A nice place for a rest, a round of miniature golf or a short canoe trip.

The Werse is your companion for the next few kilometres. The small river meanders northwards through fields and meadows. At Haus Dyckburg, the cycle tour turns back towards Münster city centre and reaches the promenade. Take the opportunity to make a short detour to Prinzipalmarkt - the city's "parlour". The cycle path along the promenade leads you directly to Münster Castle. A little later you will reach the area around the Aasee. Past the Mühlenhof open-air museum, the next stop is the Allwetterzoo.

Tip: Plan enough time for a visit to the zoo at the end of your cycle tour. The closeness to the animals not only inspires children!

The cycling tour into the countryside around Münster at a glance

  • 27 km
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Day trip
  • Nature
  • Recreational fun
  • Münster
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