Nottuln Cycle Tour - Cycling through the Stevertal Valley
The picturesque Stevertal in spring
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Idyll in the heart of Münsterland
Cycling tour through the Stevertal

Cycling tour through the Stevertal

You start your circular route at the St. Martinus Church in Nottuln and follow the signposted route number 117 along the entire route. On the way towards Appelhülsen, you will discover the Steverquelle, where you can watch with your own eyes how the water bubbles out of the ground and the spring quickly becomes a powerful stream. Take your time and enjoy this extraordinary place. The Steverquelle is located in the Uphoven district below the Westerberg, the highest elevation in the nearby Baumberge mountains. The rest of the trail along the Stever is characterised by historic farmsteads, a flour mill and imposing granaries. The Baumberg sandstone is omnipresent here. The Stever valley is an absolute insider's tip for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation. Back in Nottuln, a visit to the Kentrup blue printing works is recommended. This is the oldest blue print shop in North Rhine-Westphalia. End the day in the Stevertal with a coffee in the picturesque old town of Nottuln.

The cycle tour through the Stevertal at a glance

  • 23 km
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Day trip
  • Steverquelle
  • Buildings
  • Nottuln
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