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The highest heart in Münsterland


In the Baumberge, the "typical Münsterland" park landscape shows itself from its most beautiful side. Here, between the towns of Billerbeck and Coesfeld and the municipalities of Havixbeck, Nottuln and Rosendahl, you will find one of the largest contiguous beech forest areas in the region. From the hills of the Baumberge you can look far and wide: over fields, meadows, trees, numerous wind turbines and small farms. An absolute highlight are the flowering rape fields that you can marvel at in spring. If the hills are not high enough for you, you can simply climb the Longinus Tower.

With its attractive location west of Münster and close to the Dutch border, the Baumberge are an ideal starting point for walks as well as extensive cycling, hiking or horseback riding routes. Café 18|97 in the Longinusturm is ideal for a break. Or make yourself comfortable on a bench or picnic blanket at the Bruder Klaus Chapel with your picnic.

The gold of the region

The Baumberg sandstone, which is still quarried here, is particularly characteristic of the region. Two quarries are still in operation today. This is because the subsoil of the Baumberge consists of calcareous sandstone, i.e. Cretaceous marine deposits. The famous Baumberg sandstone has been quarried here since the early Middle Ages. It was used, for example, in the cathedral in Münster, in numerous castles and fortresses such as Hülshoff Castle and in town centres. You can learn more about this historically important building material in the Baumberg Sandstone Museum in Havixbeck.

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