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Barocke Stiftskurien Nottuln
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Baroque Collegiate Curia Nottuln

Directly next to the parish church of St. Martinus in Nottuln, a ladies' monastery existed from the middle of the 9th century. All the monastery buildings as well as the unique baroque overall planning of the town centre form the urban centre of the small town in the western Münsterland.

Reconstruction by Johann Conrad Schlaun

Nottuln owes its present splendid appearance to a dramatic event in 1748: a devastating fire destroyed the old monastery complex with almost all its outbuildings. The Baroque master builder Johann Conrad Schlaun was commissioned to rebuild the monastery district, including the monastery square and the former curiae - the residences of the noble ladies of the monastery.

Cultural centre in the former abbey administration

The administrative seat of the monastery was the Alte Amtmannei. The building on the lower Stiftsstraße, which also dates from 1748, is now the cultural centre of the community and is used for concerts, readings and other events.

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Collegiate Curia Nottuln

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