Nottuln im Münsterland
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Cycling in Nottuln

There are a lot of small and large sights around Nottuln. You can easily reach most of them on a bike tour. The hilly terrain promises a lot of variety and great panoramic views of the Baumberge landscape. From the Longinus Tower, at the Steverburg or on the way to Billerbeck - time and again nature opens up and allows you to look into the distance. It quickly becomes clear that nature lovers will get their money's worth here. The wild horses near Dülmen, the Stevertal valley or the bright rape fields simply make you want to do even more cycling tours.

Nottuln in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Ahaus can also be reached via the practical hub system. The honeycomb system offers countless opportunities for cycling tours and circular routes through the Münsterland.

  • Nottuln lies in the honeycombs 117 | 119 | 144
  • The district of Appelhülsen lies in honeycomb 247.
  • The district of Schapdetten lies in honeycomb 116 | 247

Nottuln in the Münsterland cycling region

Themed routes in Nottuln

The most beautiful cycling tours around Nottuln

The Stevertal The Stevertal
Cycling tour through the Stevertal
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