Nottuln im Münsterland
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Nottuln is a picture-book town in the heart of the Münsterland. Nestled in the hilly landscape of the Baumberge, Nottuln is the starting point for many charming hiking and cycling tours. The picturesque old town of Nottuln never fails to delight visitors.

Distant views over the Münsterland

For over 100 years, you can stand above things on the Longinusturm in Nottuln, on the highest elevation of the Baumberge, the Westerberg. The tower offers a wonderful view and a good opportunity to relax with a coffee break. From up there, you can also see the beautiful forests, which are perfect for long walks or a stopover for all-day hikes.

The oldest blue print shop in NRW

But the small town of Nottuln also has a few sights to offer, such as the oldest blue print shop in North Rhine-Westphalia. The artistically printed textiles are still in great demand today. Or the Darup pilgrimage chapel. Incidentally, none other than the great baroque master builder Johann Conrad Schlaun created the historic town planning for Nottuln.

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