Cycling in Ostbevern, information on cycle paths and cycle tours.
Ostbevern in the Münsterland
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Cycling in Ostbevern

Cycling in Ostbevern is simply fun. Not only Loburg Castle is worth a trip, the surrounding area is also extremely attractive for cyclists. Nearby Telgte and the district town of Warendorf are known for their historic town centres. You can easily visit both places by bike on a circular route in one day. A wonderful destination for fans of historical buildings is Harkotten Manor near Sassenberg.

The Peace Route takes you from Ostbevern directly to Münster. There is plenty of time to admire the city's attractions on a bike tour. Be sure to visit the Prinzipalmarkt, explore the cathedral or visit one of the many museums.

Ostbevern in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland region. Ostbevern can also be reached via the practical junction system. With the junction system, you can easily put together your favourite route with a few numbers.

  • Ostbevern is located at junctions 34 and 68.

Themed routes in Ostbevern

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