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Vreden Castle is home to the municipality's town hall
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A baroque manor house
Vreden Castle

Vreden Castle

Anyone who enters today's town hall of the town of Vreden is, in a sense, setting foot on the grounds of the historic castle of the same name. What appears to be an ancient building was transformed over the centuries from a simple masonry into a historically magnificent manor house. It housed various noble families and served a wide variety of purposes.

From massive walls to a magnificent estate

Originally built in 1398 by the Bishop of Münster, the castle was once surrounded by moats and equipped with two gateways and a bridge. However, drawings from the 16th century already show that the castle was suffering from severe decay. The building now known as the "castle" is now a baroque manor house built in 1699 by the von Nahmen family. With changes of ownership, other uses followed: from a flat for higher customs officials, to the establishment of a children's custodian institution, to a handicrafts school. After it came into princely possession, the municipality of Ammeloe acquired the manor house in 1960, had it renovated and set up as an official residence. When the municipality and the town of Vreden merged, it underwent several extensions and has been the seat of the town administration since 2020.

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Prince-Bishop's Castle Vreden

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3 tips for Vreden Castle

  • From Vreden Castle you can walk to the charming town centre with the market square, the "kult" museum and the adjacent town park. In summer you can take a break at the Berkelbeach.
  • If you are cycling or walking and want to enjoy a little more nature, take a tour to the ZwillbrockerVenn and the Biological Station.
  • In Vreden, going beyond the city limits means crossing the border: the Dutch neighbours are looking forward to your visit and have all kinds of cultural, delicious and interesting things to offer.

Places of interest around Haus Vreden

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