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Empte House in Dülmen
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Once inhabited by knights...
House Empte

House Empte

Haus Empte in Dülmen is picturesquely nestled between the Welter Bach stream and the Karthäuser Mühlenbach nature reserve. The main house, the gatehouse and the other buildings have been listed since 1985. The property was extensively renovated with great attention to detail. In 2022, the owners received the monument plaque of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) for it. In the driveway there is also an 18th century wayside shrine, which according to historical records is a successor wayside shrine erected in commemoration of the peace treaty between the knight of Empte and the knight of Weddern in 1326.

As it is privately owned, you can only enjoy it regularly with decorum. On special days, however, such as the Castles and Burgs Day, the manor house is also open to guests.

Insight into the history of Haus Empte

An estate "Emnithi" is mentionedas early as around 900. The house was named after the inhabitants of the estate: a knightly dynasty who, in analogy to the Lords of Merlfeld, had a sloping lattice in their coat of arms. The dynasty is first mentioned in documents with Thiderik von Emete.

The Knights of Empte lived on the estate until the 15th century, after which the owners of the estate changed several times until it came into the possession of the von Merveldt family in 1708. In 1770, the von Merveldt family had the manor house built on the former site of the castle. The manor house still exists today largely in its former form. Only the upper storey was dismantled in the 19th century. On the other hand, the gatehouse dates back to the 15th century and is part of the former castle grounds. Today it still offers a wonderful entrance to the grounds.

Listening Journey | House Empte

Once a knight's estate, today privately inhabited. Let the owners Andrea and Hans-Jürgen Buss take you on a short journey through history and experience the eventful history that surrounded the estate and still surrounds it today.

Map | House Empte

Service & Offers

  • private estate
  • Monument protection

4 Tips for the Empte House

  • You can explore the surroundings of Dülmen by bike and take advantage of the beautiful nature reserve Welter Bach for nice rest and picnic moments.
  • An absolute highlight of Dülmen is the wild horse enclosure with more than 300 free-roaming horses in the Merfelder Bruch.
  • The grave of Anna Katharina Emmerick, a saint who had mystical visions and lived through the Passion of Christ several times, is famous and well worth seeing.
  • The former manor of Haus Visbeck in the midst of picturesque green countryside invites you to take a walk around the estate.

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