Wild Horse Track Dülmen | Picnic Area in Münsterland
Picnic area at the Dülmen wild horse track
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Picnic area Wildpferdebahn Dülmen

Picnic area at the Dülmen wild horse track

Picnicking in beautiful and untouched nature. This is probably one of the most beautiful ideas for an excursion. And it gets even more exciting at a place that is unique in Europe. The wild horse track in Dülmen is one of the last places in Europe where visitors can still observe wild horses. And how wonderful it is that visitors can enjoy this setting during a relaxed picnic. In the middle of the extensive forest and meadow areas is a large picnic area with several seating options. A great place to slow down, observe and discover.

The approx. 3.2 square kilometre nature reserve in the Merfelder Bruch is characterised by its diverse flora and original vegetation. In this way, the wild horses find exactly the varied habitat they need without having to make do with human help. Observing the horses in their natural environment and in their original herd behaviour is also a unique experience for families with children. The wonderful nature in the Mehrfelder Bruch also invites you to take extensive walks and short cycling tours in the surrounding area.

The picnic area at a glance

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Wild horses in Dülmen Wild horses in Dülmen
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The last in Europe
Dülmen wild horses
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Insider tip

Guided tour to the wild horses in the Merfelder Bruch Guided tour to the wild horses in the Merfelder Bruch
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Guided tour to the wild horses

Outside the regular opening hours, the area can only be visited with a guided tour.

Visitor groups of 10 or more people have the opportunity to observe and experience the wild horses in the wild by prior appointment from Mondays to Fridays. The duration of the guided tour is approx. 1 hour. Dogs are not allowed!

To make an appointment:
Ms. Forestry Inspector Rövekamp
Mobile: +49 170 3478005

Your way to the picnic area


To the wild horse track

48249 Dülmen

Accessibility & Parking

The area with the free-roaming wild horses is located about 12 kilometres west of Dülmen on the road from Dülmen (via Merfeld) to Borken (L600). The access road is called "Zur Wildpferdebahn". The ticket office is also located on this access road. There is a car park directly on the grounds of the wild horse track in the Merfelder Bruch. The picnic area is a few minutes' walk from the car park.

Map | Dülmen

Opening hours wild horse track

Öffnungszeiten vom 16.03. to 01.12.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    10:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr
  • Sunday
    10:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr
  • Die Saison startet zwischen März und April. Der angegebene Starttermin dient nur der Orientierung.
  • Die Öffnungszeiten gelten auch an Feiertagen in NRW
  • Hunde dürfen angeleint mitgeführt werden. Bei Führungen sind Hunde nicht erlaubt.

Admission prices wild horse track

  • Children, up to 14 years:
    1,50 €
  • Adults:
    3,00 €
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