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Everyday People at Nordkirchen Castle
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Staging the everyday
Everyday People

Everyday people in the Münsterland

They are reading a book, sitting relaxed on a bench, enjoying the sun or even swimming in the water - from a distance, a viewer might think they are real people. But when you get closer, it becomes clear: they are life-size concrete sculptures. The so-called everyday people. Why are they called that? They are an artistic staging of the everyday and show life in its purest and most unadorned form.

Behind the sculptures are the artists Christel and Laura Lechner. Not only are they mother and daughter, but they also work together at the idyllically located Atelier Lechnerhof near Witten. But you can discover their works all over Germany. In Münsterland, the everyday people have been welcome figures for over a decade. From 9 April to 16 October 2022, for example, you can marvel at the works of art at an open-air exhibition in Nordkirchen.

Everyday People Enchant Nordkirchen

In 2022, the town of Nordkirchen will celebrate its 1,000th anniversary - and the popular everyday people will be there! Keep your eyes peeled: until mid-October, they can be found everywhere in the Schlossgemeinde. In total, more than 50 sculptures have been placed at 15 different locations. The best way to discover them is to take a walk around town or a bike ride!

Here are a few hints on where you can visit them: In the palace and park grounds of the "Westphalian Versailles" there are no less than four installations of the everyday people. Among other things, they sit at the festively laid summer table in the middle of the palace park. Other everyday people can be found in the town centre of Nordkirchen. They invite you to smile and sometimes even to think. Of course, the sculptures in the neighbouring districts of Capelle and Südkirchen are not to be missed either.

For those who don't know their way around Nordkirchen, there is a map on this page with all the locations of the everyday people.

Came to stay

The Everyday People are no longer unknown to many people from Münsterland. The exhibition has already visited the town of Telgte three times, most recently in 2020. The municipality liked the artworks so much that some Everyday People have moved there permanently. In 2021, a nun made of concrete and a group of three from the production "Ernst des Lebens" (The Seriousness of Life) have found their home in Telgte. In the district of Westbevern, "Anton the Postman" and "Fräulein Änne, the Teacher" look forward to visitors on Brinker Platz in Vadrup.

In Münster-Hiltrup, several everyday people are also always to be found. Every day they put a smile on the faces of passing citizens. On Marktallee, for example, you will find two construction workers, at Osttor a concrete man is looking into the distance. I wonder what he is looking for.

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